Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wash and Go

Turns out my scalp wasn't up for another protective style!! I couldn't take it any longer. I was gung ho for not wanting to do my hair every night. A week before I got this protective style I had another protective style in for two weeks with no problems. Things just did not want to work out that way this time! Maybe it was because I liked the previous style better or maybe one week wasn't long enough to let my scalp breathe...whatever the case, I had to turn tonight into a wash night!

I'm still figuring out which products work best for my hair. One of my natural church cohorts is going through this process too and is into finding online samples to try. She was giving away samples and thought I'd like to try some (because I also told her I was still trying to find products that work for my hair).

As cliche' as this might be, I'm not into trying different products. However, I know that in order to find products that work, I have to do just that. Reluctantly, I tried the Mixed Chicks products (only after my church cohort asked me about didn't want her to feel like giving me the sample was a waste!).

Usually, I only co-wash my hair on wash night. Tonight, I thought, 'why not shampoo since my hair DOES have gel in it?' I co-washed after my last protective style. I felt like the wash didn't successfully get all the gel out of my hair. My hair couldn't grasp the full effect of the styles I was trying to achieve because it was still so grungy. The sample included shampoo...I said what the hay!

My routine was as follows:

    "Pre-poo or a Pre-shampoo treatment are applied to dry hair prior to shampooing to increase moisture and strength. Since traditional shampoo is known to be very harsh and stripping to the hair the pre poo treatment is done before you shampoo to combat the feeling of dryness experienced afterwards. A Pre Poo treatment can be made with a blend of oils and conditioner or both."

  • Shampooed twice with Mixed Chicks Shampoo
  • Deep Conditioned with Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner and a conditioning cap
  • Rinsed the deep conditioner out and put in Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner
  • Put Influance’s Moisture Lock with Shea Butter throughout my hair
  • Then locked in the moisture with EVCO

I decided to do something different after this step. I really didn't feel like spending an hour twisting my hair. I was excited that it actually took less time to wash and deep condition my hair than it usually takes just to co-wash it. I also didn't take the time to detangle my hair while it was deep when I tried to comb my through my natural curls, I already knew detangling would not be an option for the night!

I thought my natural curls were very cute, so I decided to try the Wash-N-Go look. I've never tried it before because I wasn't quite sure how to do it, but I figured it couldn't be too hard to figure out. I added one more step which was adding Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel  to hold the curls in place as they were.

I'm not exactly sure how this Wash-N-Go will work seeing as how you usually wash your hair and go (outside of the house...not to bed), but we will see if I can manage to preserve the look through the night without soaking my pillow as my hair continues to dry.

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