Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Just Admit It...I'm An Introvert

I was browsing Facebook the other day when I ran across a video. The name of it was "Ten Myths About Introverts". I've always been one to keep to myself so when I found a name for it (introvert), I was elated to know I wasn't alone!

In the video, this guy talks about an article, "10 Myths About Introverts", and how it relates to him. I thought, what a wonderful idea?! I feel so misunderstood at times because I am an introvert and I deal with things in an introverted way. People who aren't an introvert don't understand because they operate differently. Being misunderstood can be very hurtful, especially when you try your hardest to get your point across in the best ways you know how. I want to be understood, especially by my loved ones, so I'm going to take the time to touch on all ten topics and how they relate to me. I will call this my 'I'm An Introvert' Series. I couldn't think of anything cute to call it, so I called it what it!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hair Tuesday & June '13 Length Check

Hair Progress & 17 Months Natural

Today's post is about what else but my hair! It's a chronological view of my hair to let's take a look.

First let's look at my wet hair over time:

Wet natural hair growth for 6 months
(From left to right) These are photos of my hair from June back to January.
Look at the difference between the first picture and the last! I can't wait until I'm able to figure out how to wear my wet hair out as a wash-n-go. I'm still trying my hand at getting the different textures to blend AND I'm definitely still waiting on that hang time (Y'all knew it was coming :-)

Now, I've picked to show my hair during the three times I've had it straightened. I feel like these are good time markers to use and even though there's not that much time in between the three visits, you can see major growth. I'm getting my hair trimmed regularly now, so this will allow me to do a better job of recording my growth over time.

Let's see my hair before each salon trip:

Natural curly hair progress before visiting the salon
These pictures (from left to right) show my hair before the last trip (6/18), my second trip (at the end of March),
and my first trip (at the beginning of February)
I know you can't really see the length of my 'fro in the first picture, but I chose it because this was the first time I've ever worn my hair on top of my head like that! I've never worn this type of pony tail with my natural hair. My hair grows fastest in the middle and everything else around it is much slower. So when I've tried this look before, the hair in the back would always find its way out of the pony tail. I'm not a fan of gel (although I'm trying to get the nerve up to use it more), but this time I was able to get my hair in the pony tail with no fuss...and no gel!

Natural hair growth between March & June
The top pic are from my March visit
& the bottom pics are from June.
Now, let's look at my straightened hair before being trimmed:

Look at the growth in only a 3 month period!!

Seeing this makes me smile. I know it's growing but it's hard to see that when I'm looking at it every day.

One perk of not having it straightened often is the gift of being surprised by how much it's grown.

I like those kinds of surprises.

Here's my just-stepped-out-the-salon-door hair:

Curly, straightened, natural hair progress
This picture (from left to right) shows my first, second, and third trip.
And here's my hair a few days after each trip. In each of this pictures my hair is a little more laid down after being wrapped at night.

Hair progress over 5 months
Left to right: last to first
As you can see, I've made great strides during the past (almost) 5 months. I always light up when my hair is straightened. You have to hair has been relaxed for as long as I can remember. Each time it's straightened, I also get a thought to heat train my hair...but it's a very quick thought. Going natural has been a long journey and it's a journey that I'm still on. I love my curly hair just as much as I love my straight hair and I'm not comfortable with letting it go (because as you heat train your natural curl will loosen more and more over time...and I would completely lose the look I have now). There's perks to each side but consequences as well.

Straight Hair
~ easy night care (just wrap it)
~ I can run a comb straight through my hair
~ I can't be outside if it's raining or if there's a lot of moisture in the air (like at the beach)
~ When I wash my face my hairline frizzes
~ I'm afraid to straighten my own hair
Curly Hair:
~ I can go out in any kind of weather
~ It's not the's different and uniquely mine
~ night care is a serious task, as is washing it
~ you have to be creative and I'm usually not (for multiple reasons)
~ I can only finger comb my hair as opposed to using a comb
(for less breakage and to maintain the coils that develop over time)

I'm loving the versatility I have with my hair now. I feel like as my life continues to change, I will base what I'm able to do with my hair off of what's happening in my life at the time...

SO, only time will tell.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vote For My Goddaughter

So, isn't my goddaughter the cutest??


My best friend (and her mom), at Pharr Away, has been snapping photos of this cutie with her new birthday present. Because of the great pictures she's taken, Maddie has been entered into a contest for Toddler of the Week at We want her to win. I'm graciously asking you all to go and


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P.S. - Happy Birthday Dad!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday Funday

As you all know, I took a break last week. Again life has been taking a toll on me and I've been trudging through. I'm dealing with being at a crossroad with a few things and rather than stretching myself thin trying to deal with keeping up with appearances, I've decided to take the time tend to try and deal with my best I can.

Now that I've decided to get back on top of blogging, it would be just my luck that my computer would conk out on me :-( It sucks, but that's just another thing I must deal with so I'll ask that you all be patient with me.

Yesterday was Sunday Funday. Sunday is probably the second worst day of the week beside you have to get prepared for the work week! I'm thankful for my boyfriend and his efforts to try and help me deal with things a little better than I know how to at the moment. Yesterday, he took me for a little walk down one of the trails in the city and to see World War Z.

I loved the walk because I like being out in nature (when it's not too hot!...or cold, for that Something about it soothes me. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I can proudly say that I love Zombies AND Vampires (i.e., True Blood, The Walking Dead, and the Twilight series). I felt like World War Z did a good job of telling a story that was unlike any other zombie show are movie I've seen.

So, thanks Chris.

Let the week begin!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

50 Questions to Free Your Mind, Part 5

With all that goes on in life, it's somewhat helpful to take a break from the normal things that weigh my mind down. I mostly like to dream of what my life will look like down the road, but I also like to think about different things. I love answering these questions so I hope you all enjoy reading them.

21. Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?
Well, I worry now anyway...why not be more of a genius than I already am?!

22. Why are you, you?
Late 1990 or early 1991
I think I was shaped by the experiences I've been through. I believe a lot of who I am was created by the way I was raised. I also believe I was shaped by my environment and the experiences I've been through. A desire was instilled in me to want more than I was afforded as a child. Education was a high priority in our household and I've used that as an avenue to create better opportunities for myself. I'm able to provide a lifestyle for myself, by myself, because of my education and associated accolades I've achieved. If you read this (#3), you would know I learned independence at a very early age. I also took on a caretaker role early. My little sister was born when I was 5 and my Moma will tell you right now that I used to treat her like she was my child! LOL. I had to take care of her a lot at such a young age because my mom worked a lot...and I guess that caretaker, nurturing role just kind of stuck with me. So, there are a lot of stories I could tell that can be associated with characteristics that make me, me! 

23. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?
I have a small circle of very close friends. We all have our own lives. At this point in life we're all trying to get on our feet and get ourselves and our own families built and established. Life can be hard, time consuming, and tiring!! It's very easy to get caught up in that whirlwind. I find myself in it often, but I also know that if I need any one of my friends I can call on them. The same is true for them. That's all I can ask, especially since we're not all in the same city.

24. Which is worse, when a good friend moves away, or losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you?
Definitely losing touch with a good friend who lives right near you. As I said in the question above, I have a very small circle of friends so losing a friendship would be very unfortunate. I know I can always call on my friends at any time and vice versa and that means a lot to me. Not being able to do that at all would suck! Distance doesn't erase relationships.

25. What are you most grateful for?
(God and my life...which is a given) My loved ones. They have been a part of making me who I am...through the good and bad!! They've been there for me and are there for me now. They are definitely a comfort for me and I don't know what I would do without any one of them!!!

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Life in a Break Down

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scalp Massage

Back in the day, when I actually had leisure time, I would research all things natural hair. I continued to come across information about scalp massages and how good they were for your hair. During one conversation I had with my hair stylist she even she suggested that I try it.

Last month I attempted the 30 day squat challenge. I didn't plan on completing the challenge because the number of squats towards the end of the month was just ridiculous...and I felt like it would be too time consuming. I only agreed to do it because of my friend's encouragement. I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would. I ended up doing 25 days. I know, I know...I might as well have finished the challenge, but with all I have going on it's difficult to stick to routines.

Having my scalp massaged is a favorite (along with back and feet rubs). How lovely it would be to have someone do that periodically...or on an everyday basis?? I don't! So...I've decided to do my own scalp massages and turn it into a 30 day challenge. This will be very simple because it doesn't require a lot of time. I compiled the best suggestions from a combination of steps I found on About(.com) and CurlyNikki.

How To Massage Your Scalp

1. Divide hair into four sections (physically or mentally)
2. Starting from the front of the section, massage your scalp in a circular motion using your fingertips, not your fingernails
  • Massage your scalp with your fingertips, not your fingernails. Scratching creates tiny cuts in your scalp slowing growth.
    • I have a self-diagnosed problem with my nerves, so not scratching my head will be a difficult habit to break.
  • It's also suggested to use some type of oil while massaging.
  • Start from the front of the section and move back.
  • Apply pressure while massaging, but don't be too firm.
  • Don't neglect your temples, the areas around your ears, or the nape of your neck.

3. For routine care, 1 minute is enough. If using this method to encourage hair growth on thin hair areas, try 2-5 minutes.

So, there's my plan and tips. I am going to challenge myself to carry this out over the next 30 days.

Who's going to join me?

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Super Sweet Blogging Award!


I've been nominated for another award by NaTasha @ Lovely You (check her out!!) Y'all know how much I love doing stuff like this, so I want to send a huge thank you to her!!

Here are the rules:
  1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
  2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
  3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.
  4. Nominate your nominees on their blog.
Unfortunately, I will not be nominating nominees for this post. I haven't even heard back from my Liebster Award nominees :-( Therefore, this one will be short and sweet. Here we go!


Cookies or Cake? - Cookies. 
They're easier to get transport. I'll put them in a ziplock bag and tuck them in my purse. My favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin. That's healthy, right?! They sell these at Subway 3 for $1. The last time I went, I got 9 cookies!! Don't fault me, I've turned into an extreme snacker lately....

Chocolate or Vanilla? - Chocolate.
It kind of depends on what it is though. I prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla, but I prefer vanilla icing over chocolate. It's weird because everyone in my family loves chocolate cakes, but I absolutely don't. I'll eat it occasionally...but most times if I have to choose between eating chocolate cake or eating no cake at all, I pick no cake at all. If we're really being honest, I like strawberry the most!!

Favorite Sweet Treat? - Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars.
I absolutely love this things. I have to keep some in my freezer and I don't like to share!!

When do you crave sweet things the most? - Usually after lunch AND Dinner (no elaboration needed).

Sweet Nickname? - I don't have one, nor do I use one...but if I were going to, it would be Honey Bun.

Hope you guys enjoyed my sweet post and thanks again NaTasha for the nomination!!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

50 Questions To Free Your Mind, Part 4

Guess what today's post is!!! You guys guessed it. It's Part 4 of Free Your Mind!! Check out Parts One, Two, and Three. I borrowed these from Kalyn at Life As I Pretend To Know It. I think these are very good reads.

16. How come the things that make you happy don't make everyone happy?
As you go through life you learn that you can't make everybody happy all of the time. Heck!! You can't even make everybody happy some of the time!! If that's the case...and if I have to make one person better believe I'm going to be making myself happy!!

17. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What's holding you back?
There is one thing in particular...well two things...that I really want to do, but I won't beat a dead horse!! LOL. One other thing I would like to do is travel more. The main thing that's stopping me is fitting it into my schedule AND my wallet! I want to do extravagant places like South Africa or somewhere else on the other side of the globe. So lots of planning is required as well as a lot of funds. However, this is happening before 30 if I can help it!!
(Update: It didn't happen before 30, but it's still on the books!)

18. Are you holding on to something you need to let go of?
Don't get me wrong, there are things that have happened that have truly affected me and the way I look at the world. However, I don't "hold on to them". They are simply things that have happened in the past from which I've learned lessons and used to guide me to this present day.

19. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?
This is a question I've actually contemplated within the past year. As far as states go, I've always wanted to live somewhere that doesn't get as cold as the winters in North Carolina - like Florida or California. There are negatives though. Florida gets hurricanes and California gets earthquakes. I have a small fear of natural disasters and I'm not sure which disaster I'd pick over the other. If I had to choose a country, I'd probably pick England, Canada, or some other country where they speak English and have a great health care system!

20. Do you push the elevator button more than once? 
Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?
No. I push the floor button once. If I want the elevator to hurry, I push the 'close doors' button and hold it!! It doesn't always make the elevator move faster, but in some cases it does!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hair Tuesday

I had to report that despite my worries from yesterday. Hair Tuesday went very well!! Let's take a gander....

The picture does the style no justice. 

I also wanted to showcase how long my hair is getting by showing the top picture. I'm definitely making strides. You can also see the growth by looking at the second picture as well. 
Let's do a comparison....

So much growth!

Although the twist out doesn't quite go with my creativity theme nor do I usually share hair posts back to back...but I am just so excited to see some positivity in regards to my hair. I definitely think I can recreate this look on my own!

Now, let's see what it looks like after bed!! :-)
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Monotony

These are the last two pictures I'll be sharing from last month's May Natural Hair Challenge.

The first picture is #23. Afro Puff.

The second picture is #27. Afro.

This brings me to my point. Now that my hair is getting longer, but not long enough to hang, I find myself leaning towards one of these styles. It's easy! I do 7 twists at night and in the morning I untwist, fluff, and go. For the puff, I just throw a head band on it...and people LOVE it. I get many compliments from people I wouldn't expect it from, in some of the weirdest ways I can imagine. I can't lie, it makes me feel good to get compliments on my hair...especially when I don't do much to it. I just love my coils!!...but I need more creativity!!

You see, I want coils, I just want longer coils. In order to retain my coils, I finger comb my hair but my first goal is to be able to recreate they coily look at home. My stylist uses the Design Essentials line. I'm trying to figure out which creme, between the Defining Creme and the Curl Stretching Creme, will work best for me at home.

Today is Hair Tuesday, but the last couple of times I've been to the salon I've gotten styles that I know will lead me right back to an afro within a week's time.

Things have gotten to the point where I'll try different styles or styles I used to get, but nothing ever looks quite right to me. The styles I used to get don't look like they did before because my hair is longer. I'm in a really weird place with my hair.

Right now, I truly don't have as much time as I would like to devote to going through tons of YouTube videos. This is why I resort to the easy styles (afro and puff). So, my second goal is to find some get some creative ideas for my hair.

I've got to break away from The Monotony!!

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Monday, June 3, 2013


I wrote a post about my Green Bean Casserole recently. I forgot to take a picture that night, so I'm sharing one now! I like to get creative with my dishes so look at what I did with this one! I put an "M" in my casserole...LOL...(it stands for my name, in case you were wondering!)

So, because I thought outside of the box while making this casserole, my word for the month is CREATIVITY!

Last month was crazy, but I'm applauding myself because I had a post for every day of the week last month...YAY!!! That's definitely not an easy task.

I want to keep up the routine this month (with no promises ;-) plus I want to try and find different ways to be creative. Let's see if I can manage to do this.

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