Monday, October 30, 2017

Choosing Hair for Crochet Braids

I've said this before and will say it again! I am not the best at choosing hair...AT ALL! I blog about natural hair with the hope that the things I learn along the way will help somebody somewhere...because I learned most of the things I know about my hair by trial and error! When it comes to picking hair for things like braided extensions, sew-ins, and crochet braids, I always have a ton of questions. I usually rely on my stylist to tell me what hair to get; any questions I have after that default to my sister. This time around was no exception!


Monday, October 23, 2017

Choosing A Crochet Style

How to Start

When you're a naturalista, protective styles become a saving grace! These styles give you a break from the hard work you have to put into maintaining a head full of natural hair. For the last couple of years, I've gotten protective styles each fall and winter. The colder months can be particularly harsh on the hair, so this is one of the influencing factors in my hairstyle decision making.

I spent most of the last year trying out different wedding hairstyles, but the year before that my protective style for the cold season was crochet braids. Crochets are an easy style to maintain! Since I loved the style so much, I decided to document the process this time around.

Steps to take when choosing a crochet style


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