Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My History With Counting Macros

Healthy eating is crucial to any type of serious body change you want to see; whether it's losing weight or inches. Healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle change that affects every part of you; physical, mental, & emotional. However, in order to create what you want to see you have to put forth the effort. My path to counting macros wasn't straight so let's get into the thought process behind why I choose to count macros.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Goal Breakdown

You all know how I feel about making resolutions! Nevertheless, I'm all here for goal setting...at any time of the year! It's 2018 and I just so happen to have reason to refresh my list of goals at the beginning of this new year and new quarter! Whenever I set goals for myself, they usually fall into the same areas: hair, fitness, & finance. This year's post has to be broken into a few parts because it's a lot of ground to cover. This time around I wanted to give an in-depth look at the 'how' I'm accomplishing my goals as opposed to just talking about 'what' my goals are. What do I mean? Let's get into it!


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