Friday, October 11, 2013

Tuna Salad

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

I've fallen in love with a place here called Potbelly Sandwich Shop. My boyfriend took me to a Nationals baseball game and we ate here after the game. I'm not really one to like sandwich shops so I decided to try something different just to spice up the trip. I ordered the Tuna Salad Sandwich and was instantly knocked off my feet by how good it was!

It just so happens that we have a Potbelly's within walking distance of my job. It's a struggle not to go there every day. I decided to try my hand at making my own tuna salad and it turned out very well. I Googled as many recipes as I could and I looked on Pinterest for ideas too. I was ultimately able to gather enough information from these sites to put together my own recipe for tuna salad.

2 6.5 oz. pouches of Starkist Albacore White Tuna
1/2 cup of chopped onions
4 tablespoons (up to 6 or 7 tablespoons) of sweet pickle relish
2 hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup (or a little more than that) of mayonnaise
salt, pepper, garlic powder

1.Open the tuna packets and put the tuna into a bowl.
2. Add the chopped onions and relish and mix (breaking the tuna chunks).
3. Add the mayo, salt, pepper, and garlic salt (to taste) and mix.
4. Dice hard boiled eggs, add, then mix.
5. Taste and continue to season to taste.

This tuna salad tasted very much like the Potbelly tuna sandwiches I spend so much money on! The next time I make it I probably won't add as many onions though. I love onions, don't get me wrong, but I used white onions, which ALWAYS make me cry just cutting imagine eating them raw in a fishy tuna salad! I had to immediately brush my teeth after eating it the first day. I let it sit for two days, giving the onion taste a chance to die down a bit, and took it to work for lunch. Even though the onion taste died down over time, I'll still probably cut the amount of onions I use in half. Other than that drawback, the only other ingredient I thought to add was sugar...but I chose not to in the end. The goal of making the tuna salad was to have lunch for work, and this was accomplished!!

Go Mi!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. Isn't it great when you figure out how to make something you thought you could only buy in one place??? High five to you. :)

  2. I love finding new places to eat! This sandwich looks pretty freaking good, so I'm putting it on the menu for next week!

  3. Looks delicious! I found a new place the other day that sold Hakka food which is Indian & Chinese infusion and it was sooo good!

    1. Yeah, on my list of things to do is to try new restaurants. That can be kind of hard, though, when you know of places that have awesome food already!!

  4. It's just simply the best place if you're craving a good sandwich...or good soup for that matter!! Good to know you're in the area!


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