Monday, October 23, 2017

Choosing A Crochet Style

How to Start

When you're a naturalista, protective styles become a saving grace! These styles give you a break from the hard work you have to put into maintaining a head full of natural hair. For the last couple of years, I've gotten protective styles each fall and winter. The colder months can be particularly harsh on the hair, so this is one of the influencing factors in my hairstyle decision making.

I spent most of the last year trying out different wedding hairstyles, but the year before that my protective style for the cold season was crochet braids. Crochets are an easy style to maintain! Since I loved the style so much, I decided to document the process this time around.

Steps to take when choosing a crochet style

Choosing a Style

I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted this time. I try to learn things from every hairstyle I get. This year alone I'd had a natural updo, box braids, and tribal braids. I wanted to do another braid style that was easier on my hair and would last a while, so crochets were a perfect choice.

I began like many of us do when we're searching for things. I hit up Google! I searched the internet far and wide for styles. I didn't want anything too long because the last crochet style got heavier as my hair grew, so it wore my hair a thin in few spots. I like to style my hair a lot, so it works for me and my lifestyle to have something lighter and shorter. I found two styles I liked. I narrowed it down to one (because I knew the stylist would ask me to send a picture of what I wanted), saved the picture (to the right - source), and proceeded to step number 2.

Booking the Appointment

5 years naturalI decided to go with the stylist who did my first crochet styles (Carissa Bernard at N Natural Hair Studio). Timing was important. My birthday was coming along with another big event, and I ended up having to take my hair out so I definitely had to consider these things when choosing a date.

Most importantly, I had to work around they stylist's schedule. After weighing so many decisions, time snuck up on me. I finally called and made an appointment that worked best for both of us. I sent the picture of the look I was going for and she told me what type of hair I needed based on that picture.

These first two steps always seem to take more time than I anticipate. I spend the most time choosing a style and finding a picture that looks exactly like what I want. I've found that's most helpful for the stylist rather than trying to describe what I want. I know it's not rocket science but each piece plays an important part in the finished product.

What initial steps do you take when preparing to go to the salon?

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