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Hair Tuesday & June '13 Length Check

Hair Progress & 17 Months Natural

Today's post is about what else but my hair! It's a chronological view of my hair to let's take a look.

First let's look at my wet hair over time:

Wet natural hair growth for 6 months
(From left to right) These are photos of my hair from June back to January.
Look at the difference between the first picture and the last! I can't wait until I'm able to figure out how to wear my wet hair out as a wash-n-go. I'm still trying my hand at getting the different textures to blend AND I'm definitely still waiting on that hang time (Y'all knew it was coming :-)

Now, I've picked to show my hair during the three times I've had it straightened. I feel like these are good time markers to use and even though there's not that much time in between the three visits, you can see major growth. I'm getting my hair trimmed regularly now, so this will allow me to do a better job of recording my growth over time.

Let's see my hair before each salon trip:

Natural curly hair progress before visiting the salon
These pictures (from left to right) show my hair before the last trip (6/18), my second trip (at the end of March),
and my first trip (at the beginning of February)
I know you can't really see the length of my 'fro in the first picture, but I chose it because this was the first time I've ever worn my hair on top of my head like that! I've never worn this type of pony tail with my natural hair. My hair grows fastest in the middle and everything else around it is much slower. So when I've tried this look before, the hair in the back would always find its way out of the pony tail. I'm not a fan of gel (although I'm trying to get the nerve up to use it more), but this time I was able to get my hair in the pony tail with no fuss...and no gel!

Natural hair growth between March & June
The top pic are from my March visit
& the bottom pics are from June.
Now, let's look at my straightened hair before being trimmed:

Look at the growth in only a 3 month period!!

Seeing this makes me smile. I know it's growing but it's hard to see that when I'm looking at it every day.

One perk of not having it straightened often is the gift of being surprised by how much it's grown.

I like those kinds of surprises.

Here's my just-stepped-out-the-salon-door hair:

Curly, straightened, natural hair progress
This picture (from left to right) shows my first, second, and third trip.
And here's my hair a few days after each trip. In each of this pictures my hair is a little more laid down after being wrapped at night.

Hair progress over 5 months
Left to right: last to first
As you can see, I've made great strides during the past (almost) 5 months. I always light up when my hair is straightened. You have to hair has been relaxed for as long as I can remember. Each time it's straightened, I also get a thought to heat train my hair...but it's a very quick thought. Going natural has been a long journey and it's a journey that I'm still on. I love my curly hair just as much as I love my straight hair and I'm not comfortable with letting it go (because as you heat train your natural curl will loosen more and more over time...and I would completely lose the look I have now). There's perks to each side but consequences as well.

Straight Hair
~ easy night care (just wrap it)
~ I can run a comb straight through my hair
~ I can't be outside if it's raining or if there's a lot of moisture in the air (like at the beach)
~ When I wash my face my hairline frizzes
~ I'm afraid to straighten my own hair
Curly Hair:
~ I can go out in any kind of weather
~ It's not the's different and uniquely mine
~ night care is a serious task, as is washing it
~ you have to be creative and I'm usually not (for multiple reasons)
~ I can only finger comb my hair as opposed to using a comb
(for less breakage and to maintain the coils that develop over time)

I'm loving the versatility I have with my hair now. I feel like as my life continues to change, I will base what I'm able to do with my hair off of what's happening in my life at the time...

SO, only time will tell.

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  1. I love your hair - visiting from the blog hop!

    1. Thank you, for both the compliment and for stopping by!

  2. What can I say, your hair is just amazing!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I need to stop being so afraid to work with it and find some time somewhere to start working more on styling it myself. I washed it the other day and actually did a great job with it!! Gotta get my hands in there some more.

  3. Not fair - you look awesome both ways! I feel like the straight is more "business lady" and the natural is so fun and funky! I love the pony with the pink sweet! Thanks for sharing and hey...I accidentally made mine pink a few weeks ago - it will grow out, right?!?! Don't be afraid to try it yourself! Its an accessory!

    1. Thank you so much, Heather. My cosmetologist told me that I have the face to wear almost any hair style! So that's a good thing. Because I work in a professional setting, I make sure to be very aware of how my hairstyles come across to others. I think I do a good job of not getting too crazy!! And yes, the pink will grow might take a little, but it will grow out. I'm sure it looks fine!! I had red hair for the longest, and I actually miss it a lot! But for dyes!! I'm keeping it 100% natural!

  4. Hey there! Visiting you from the Friday Follow blog hop. I think your hair is amazingly gorgeous! I've been natural for nearly 10 years now and I definitely understand the versatility that you are talking about. I wear my hair curly mostly because I have a 14 month old so he doesn't let me be for long enough for me to get the task done as straightening and flat ironing is truly a project. I also started a new healthier routine in March that I absolutely love. It goes right along with my eco-friendly, organic lifestyle that I've been trying to get me and my family into slowly but surely. You can check it out here at this link on my blog site:

    1. Thanks for stopping by Birttnei!! I can't wait to get to the point where i can wear my hair out and it be long and!! I will definitely check your website out!

  5. That's what I like best about being natural - versatility. You can actually choose different styles. I can't remember if I ever told you this, but Tracy from the "One Brown Crafter" blog started doing natural hair features. I'm sure she'd love to have you featured. If you do decide, please let her know I sent you by.

    1. Yes Libby. I love keeping people guessing! I will be sure to check that website out too! Thanks!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I've been 100% natural for almost 8 months and I MISS my relaxer!! : ( But, I LOVE my natural curls! : ) For some reason I thought my hair could never be straightened again! Silly me! So, I was EXTRA excited to find out that I could just get it flat ironed, BUT I live on an island soooo I'm told it won't last for more than 3 days. : ( Either way, I'm glad to see that your curls return even after you've applied heat. I definitely don't want to damage my natural hair after I've come this far!

    1. I think missing your relaxer is definitely normal. I was just telling my coworker the other day that I missed being able to put my hair in a pony tail and she so sweetly reminded me about the days when my hair was super long. So I've been missing my relaxer days too...but like you said after having been natural for a year and a half and having put all this hard work into it...ain't not way I can go back!

      And yes, you can straighten your hair, but it's hard. You'll be on pins and needles the whole time...especially if you live in a tropical climate. Whenever I have my hair straightened, I'm turning down events with friends; I can't do anything that'll have me outside for too long or involves sweating; if it's raining I have to make sure I have a hat in addition to an umbrella...and the list goes on and on. The straight hair is very pretty...and you could always heat train your hair...but there's definitely no coming back from heat trained hair!

      You've got plenty of time to think about what you want to do with your hair. If you want to straighten your hair...please, Please, PLEASE make sure you go to someone who knows what they're doing!! I've seen plenty a "hair stylist/cosmetologist" heat damage hair (see YouTube). So be careful...but most importantly, ENJOY YOUR CURLS!!!


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