Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Monotony

These are the last two pictures I'll be sharing from last month's May Natural Hair Challenge.

The first picture is #23. Afro Puff.

The second picture is #27. Afro.

This brings me to my point. Now that my hair is getting longer, but not long enough to hang, I find myself leaning towards one of these styles. It's easy! I do 7 twists at night and in the morning I untwist, fluff, and go. For the puff, I just throw a head band on it...and people LOVE it. I get many compliments from people I wouldn't expect it from, in some of the weirdest ways I can imagine. I can't lie, it makes me feel good to get compliments on my hair...especially when I don't do much to it. I just love my coils!!...but I need more creativity!!

You see, I want coils, I just want longer coils. In order to retain my coils, I finger comb my hair but my first goal is to be able to recreate they coily look at home. My stylist uses the Design Essentials line. I'm trying to figure out which creme, between the Defining Creme and the Curl Stretching Creme, will work best for me at home.

Today is Hair Tuesday, but the last couple of times I've been to the salon I've gotten styles that I know will lead me right back to an afro within a week's time.

Things have gotten to the point where I'll try different styles or styles I used to get, but nothing ever looks quite right to me. The styles I used to get don't look like they did before because my hair is longer. I'm in a really weird place with my hair.

Right now, I truly don't have as much time as I would like to devote to going through tons of YouTube videos. This is why I resort to the easy styles (afro and puff). So, my second goal is to find some time...somewhere...to get some creative ideas for my hair.

I've got to break away from The Monotony!!

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  1. You have amazing hair! I never plan to have afro but sometimes my hair acts like such afro!

    1. Thank you so much Areeba!! My long term plan is not to have an afro either, but it's been a great experience to have one and know what it's like.


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