Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Style

I went to the salon on my regularly scheduled day. As usual, my stylist asks me what I want done to my hair. I had a week off from a protective style that I kept in for two weeks. I feel like my hair did an extreme amount of growing during that time. Every time I step foot in that salon, I know she'll ask me this same question, and each and every time I get there, I NEVER KNOW WHAT I WANT!! Lol.

I was very much tempted to ask her to give me the same style. I know this is taboo, but my hair grew so much! Before Christmas, I asked my stylist to straighten my hair but she told me no because my hair wasn't long enough and would look like a mushroom...LOL. I completely understood. But, with all the growing my hair did in the protective style, I thought if I kept it twisted up and braided up, I would be able to get my hair straightened in no time.

So, because I had no idea how I wanted my hair, I gave my stylist free rein on my hair (which is what I normally have to end up doing anyway). She never disappoints. I did at least tell her that I wanted a protective style. This is what she came up with.

I liked the other style better, but this will definitely accomplish what I want to be accomplished.

My goal for the next time I visit the salon is to get my hair straightened. I'm curious about what my hair looks like straightened, and I want to see how long it is. We'll see if this will become a reality for me.

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