Monday, January 7, 2013

Hair Trial #2

After yesterday's fiasco, I had to redeem myself. I wanted to revert back to my normal nighttime hair routine, but I'm determined to find out what works best for my hair. You can't find out what works best unless you try new things. The scary thing about trying new things is that you have to wear that hairstyle the next day, ALL DAY!! Who wants to walk around looking "crazy"? I know I sure don't!!

This night I wanted to try an experiment. I would use a different moisturizer AND since I wouldn't let myself revert back to my normal nighttime routine, I decided I would at least do an experiment with styles.

I, like most women, have more than one texture of hair atop my head. The hair in the front is much softer than the hair in the back. I've noticed it's much harder for the hair in the front to hold a style, like a twist out, than it is for the hair in the back. Knowing this, I decided to use both techniques at once! In the front, I did flat twists. In the back, I did one flat twist and the rest in two-strand twists.

Last year, I would wet my hair with a water bottle when trying to set my hair because I thought that's how it needed to be done to look halfway decent. I've learned since then that wetting your hair too much can dry it out. To set my hair I used Taliah Waajid's Protective Mist Bodifier to moisten and moisturize the hair and the Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel to set the style. On the front half, I flat twisted my hair forward (towards my face). On the back half, I flat twisted one section down (towards my neck) and finger parted random sections of hair to complete the back half. After all was done, I coiled the ends of all my twists into C's and bobby pinned them down.

The next morning, I oiled my parts with Nutiva's Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and untwisted my twists. From last night's experiment I learned:
  1. Two strand twists definitely give me the most definition, especially in the back part of my head.
  2. Flat twists don't give me as much definition, but I love the way the hair around my part lays after it's been flat twisted.
  3. My hair has more definition if it's set wet.
  4. My hair has really grown a lot during the two weeks it was in that protective style. As much I love having hair hanging around my face, I might need to invest in more protective styles.
Here are my results:

Taking all the information I have, I've devised a plan as to how I will set my hair from now on! The next thing I have to figure out is which products to use to help me maximize definition!

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