Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Hairstyle

Today's hairstyle was a variation on yesterday's hairstyle.

I moisturized my hair with Influance’s Moisture Lock with Shea ButterI did not do this in sections. I parted off a small section of hair from ear to ear and flat twisted this section of hair. I took a small scarf/long piece of fabric and tightened it around the back part of my hair. I then pinned the end of the flat twist back into my afro puff.

The only difference is I took the scarf off this morning and puffed my 'fro out! I like this look, but I don't want to fall back into the routine of not twisting my hair before bed. My stylist told me the best way to help develop my curl pattern is to do something with your hair at night, whether it's twisting, braiding, Bantu knotting, whatever. Don't just tie up the afro and sleep on it! When I first big chopped, there was a-many-a-night I went to bed with my 'fro out. I'm trying to do better since I want my hair to get some definition about its-self!!

Here's to another style for my go-to list!!

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