Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Hair Thing....

I was reading over my post about the Pan-Fried Tilapia and something crossed my mind. I have a very keen sense of smell and smells tend to resonate with me. As I was cooking, the smell of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil was so strong, it brought back memories. The same oil I was using to cook was the same oil I used to use on my hair!! As I was transitioning, I would watch YouTube videos and read natural hair blogs and it was all the rave to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It was supposed to be better for your hair since it was a “natural oil”.


This was not the case for me. I used it for a trial period. Shortly after, my face began to break out…BAD! I've never had trouble with acne, ever! All of a sudden, I was having the most trouble with my face. The face washes I usually used weren't working; I tried cleaning my face with rubbing alcohol (which is what I did when I was younger); I tried plain soap…but nothing worked!

Finally, I was told to try Neutrogena's Complete Acne Therapy System.

I was skeptical since nothing appeared to be working, plus this set was about $23. I thought that was a bit steep seeing as how most of the items in the box were smaller than my regular face washes (which were about $6-8). On top of that, I was told to use Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment along with it.

To make a long story short, I ended up trying the products. I figured "what the heck!?" Eventually, my face cleared up. I don’t know if it was because of the Neutrogena products, genetics, stress, or the fact that I stopped putting OLIVE OIL on my hair!! I was transitioning, so my hair was longer and hanging in and on my face all the time, but to think…OLIVE OIL…that you cook with!!
I still use the products, but I'm on my last box. The products last for a long time if used sparingly. This is the last box of products I'll buy because I don't feel that the product is that special, at least not for my continued use. Everybody gives olive oil 2 thumbs up, but I think using products that are actually made for hair works better for my skin, my scalp, and my hair.

The funny part is, after I decided to stop using the olive oil on my hair, I had a whole bottle of olive oil (and grapeseed oil) just sitting under my bathroom sink. WASTED!! For a split second, I thought, maybe I could cook with it, but after having used it for my hair, I decided that probably wouldn't be the most sanitary option!! LOL.

I know a lot of people still use olive oil, grapeseed oil, and other natural oils. Am I the only one who has had trouble with these oils? How have they worked for you??
Sidenote: I have not been paid for this post. This post is not sponsored by Neutrogena. These thoughts are totally my own...unpaid an honest!

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