Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Twitter Handle

I'd been thinking about changing my Twitter name for the longest time until yesterday! I just recently got on Twitter and I did it solely for blog purposes. Of course I had to learn how to use Twitter, even though I had a general understanding; I had to engage with people; I had to find people to follow and get people to follow me; and during that process I found out how entertaining Twitter could be.

I use it to say whatever's on my mind at any given moment. Some of the things I say make me think, "Hmm, is this something "justmiblog" should say?!" LOL. I mean, I tweet about the shows I watch, I tweet out tons of articles and Buzz Feed quiz results, I mean really! It's fun...my most favorite thing of all is live tweeting during my favorite TV shows. If you haven't tried it, DO IT! It's so much fun watching a show with other people and reading what they're thinking. The people of Twitter are hilarious!!

Taking all that into account, here's my new handle. If you're already following, GREAT! If not, click below to do so!!

If you're not on Twitter, join it, then follow me :-)
Thanks y'all!! :-)

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