Thursday, July 3, 2014

June '14 Length Check

28 Months Natural

Let me preface this by saying, I took pictures in April like I was supposed to, but I didn't post them because my hair was in wash-and-go mode. It wasn't stretched enough to give an accurate read, so I waited. I'm not exactly happy with the most recent length check pictures that were taken because it's been very humid and my hair is doing all of whatever it wants to do!...but it's overdue, so I bring to you the half year check.

March 2 = 105 weeks natural (2 years, 1 month, 2 days)
64 weeks since the BC (1 year, 3 months, 17 days)


June 8 = 122 weeks natural (2 years, 4 months, 9 days)
81 weeks since the BC (1 year, 6 months, 26 days)

A few things:
  • I made a length check shirt but the pictures I took with the shirt weren't of good quality. I have to do better with my picture taking, for reliability purposes. In this comparison, you can tell the shots are taken at different lengths away from my face so it's hard to compare. I have on different shirts in each shot, so it's even harder to get a good read of how much growth there is. However, you can see that the space between my chin and my fingertips has gotten larger, so that's a good sign!
  • I feel like my hair is suffering. It doesn't seem as healthy as it's been. I've been working out, playing softball, and regular every day temperatures have been through the roof so I'm constantly sweating...therefore I'm constantly washing my hair and I feel like that's had a negative effect on my hair. When I return to the salon, I'll be getting a protein treatment and I'm hoping that will help get my hair back on a healthier track.
  •  photo 3MonthGrowth_zps3be9efb3.jpg
    February vs. June
  • Speaking of salon, I got another trim this past visit and I have about one more trim to go. YES! I'm still getting trims because of my mishap. I'm also still very upset about it and I'm trying not to dwell on it but all the hair growth I've had since October has been for nil because of all the trims I've had to get. As my cosmetologist was straightening my hair this last time, she asked me if I cut my hair because it looked like it hadn't grown much since last time. That sent my heart straight to my stomach. But my hair is growing, see...
  • She cut off about half an all together I've gotten about 2 inches cut off between February and now. In the world of hair that's a setback, but in the natural hair world, that's a devastation!!! I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm so serious this time...
  • ...I'm getting a sew-in! I'm unhappy with my the point where I've had the craziest thoughts. I've thought of damaging my curl pattern with heat - on purpose - so my curl pattern wouldn't be as tight as it me more of a wavy look and the length I desire (which isn't healthy at all). I've also thought about going back to relaxers (which would obliterate the whole purpose of my going natural to start with)! So, the best thing I can do is hide my hair from myself and give it a chance to grow with no manipulation. I know I've said this before, but I'm more than serious now. Now, I have to go through this process again, except now I'm looking for somebody to do a bomb sew-in!
I still feel like I'm on a downward spiral with my hair. I've felt that way ever since I moved. I can't do anything but shake my head and wonder how much healthier my hair would be had I kept seeing my cosmetologist back home. But hey, what can you do?! I've lived, I've made mistakes, and I've learned. I've got to get back on the right track and get my hair healthier so it can grow...healthier and longer :-)

What are your summer plans for your hair?

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  1. Well, your hair is beautiful. I know it doesn't help it when other people say that when you feel some type of way about your own hair. I do get that. I've gotten careless lately with mine. Leaving it pulled up in a band forever (not good), not touching it for days or doing any maintenance stuff (double not good). I don't know what's going on with me except that I've had so many things on my plate and my hair takes all day to do and I don't feel like doing it and don't have anyone that I trust my hair to for routine stuff (who won't try to straighten the mess out of it). So yeah, I feel ya. I bought a pack of kanekelon hair to see if I will bother doing some braids (after I learn how to do them)....

  2. The weather can take a toll on your hair. When I go out in the summer I actually sprtiz on some thermal/heat protectant, that Tressemme one everyone uses. If it protects against the heat of a flat iron it will help against the sun! Maybe you could deep condition a bit more. I usually co-wash more often in the summer as well. I find that my hair looks and feels better during the winter months, no humidity to mess it up and I can wear it straight for about a week at a time. In the summer I wear it curly all the time because with the humidity there is no point and it is so long that it drapes over my shoulders and down my back making me hot.

  3. I almost forgot, I don't know if you are okay with cones but have you tried the Aussie Moist 3 min Miracle deeep conditioner or their regular moist conditioner? Those are my go to, I usually co-wash with the Aussie deep conditioner in the summer instead of a lighter conditioner because it really helps maintain the moisture.

  4. I pretty much chopped all of mine off and I don't get my blow outs and str8 styles as often. I am seriously considering locking my hair. My hair gets thinner the longer it gets and the more I heat style. I got a little small curly fro going and I love it. My curl pattern is where I want it and my edges are growing in it seems like. I am one of those people the less I do to my hair the better it does. I think you are on the right track by getting the damaged ends trimmed. I know it is a blow to your length and hair growth but it will grow back in healthier and faster. A sew in might be best only because I am one of those less is more folks and my hair tends to grow faster the less I fuss with it and style it. Good luck with your journey. I don't consider myself a part of the natural hair journey but I do admire what you have accomplished by getting rid of your perm. Don't give up I honestly think your hair is pretty every time I see it. Sometimes we are our toughest critics.


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