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May curlBOX & Product Review

Creme of Nature Product Review w/ Nov 2015 Update

I know it's June and my next curlBOX is probably halfway to me by now but May was a busy month for me. There was my vacation, then family reunion, then playing catching up...I was exhausted! I still managed try the curlBOX out, so let me share my views on the products. In this month's box were: 

 photo MayCurlbox_zps0d2a8fd1.jpg
May curlBOX
  • Crème of Nature Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner
  • Crème of Nature Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Cream
  • Ojon rareBlend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner
  • U R Curly Soya Shampoo
  • Grandma's Pure and Natural Lye Soap
  • Earth's Nectar Coconut Curls Conditioning Detangler
  • and a curlBOX Postcard
I tried two products out of this box. The first product I tried was the Crème of Nature leave-in. I couldn't tell a difference between using this leave-in versus using other leave-ins, therefore I can't really give an extensive product review about this product. I know, I know...boo to me. But if it helps, I've used it about two or three times, and nothing negative has come from it!

 photo CremeofNature_zpsbf4b6631.jpg This product review is mainly for the Crème of Nature Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Cream. I'm going to preface this by saying I didn't want to use it because I love my Pantene custard so much, especially for twist outs; but what else is the curlBOX for other than to try new things?!

The product was very light and didn't have a hard hold, so when I untwisted my hair it absorbed so much moisture from the air. The product has a decent smell so that wasn't an issue. As a matter of fact, most of the products I'm exposed to these days has a decent smell, so I think brands are being more cognizant of that. If I had to use this product again, I would use it as a moisturizer for a wash and go, rather than use it as a holding agent for my twist outs, because it didn't work at all!!!

Of course I didn't take good pictures of the final result. I didn't really like how it turned out, so I wasn't in the photo snapping mood. I kept meaning to get at least one good picture for the blog, but I'm still in off-the-grid mode so my phone (and other devices) stay out of my hands more than they stay in my hands. From the outside looking in, most people would say it looks fine...and it does, I just prefer the more defined look Pantene gives me. This look was too puffy and shrunken for me. The humidity played a big role in this look (and I have to remember that for future styles), but I only kept this look for about a week before throwing some Pantene on it!


The only products I've used out of this box, still, are the two mentioned in this post. This was the first time my hair was exposed to the brand, so I'm thankful to curlBOX for the exposure. Back then, I had no goals for my hair so I didn't know any better. I was trying products just to try them. Now with my goal of having healthy hair, I'm more cognizant of what I'm putting in my hair.

I don't use the Pantene custard anymore. My NC cosmetologist told me that product wasn't good for my hair because the pH was way to high. Since then, it's been on my to-do list to start testing the products I use for pH.

I have used the Creme of Nature leave-in a lot since this post. It's one of my favorite spray leave-in conditioners. It's a great moisturizer and very light, so it doesn't weigh my hair down. That's also what I love about the Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Cream.

When I tried this product the first time, I was more interested in getting length out of my twist-outs. Now, I don't stretch my twist-outs, I wear my twist outs as pictured here. Also, my wash day technique has changed. Perfecting my technique has a lot to do with how my hairstyles turn out. So, while the products I use play a large part of that, the technique is key.

Creme of Nature is one of my go to brands now, I use many of their products and would highly recommend them to anyone. I guess the next thing I should do is test these products for pH!

What's your favorite hair product??

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  1. Right now my favorite is Kinky Curly Custard.

  2. Thanks for the review. My hair is so short right now that all I need is a brush and some leave in conditioner. But I have been using Eden coconut shea curl defining creme for a while and I am happy with it..

  3. I've only tried the Creme of Nature products from this box. I think the leave in will work just fine for me. Probably perfect for protective styles like braids and for refreshing moisture while my hair is in two strand twists. The pudding doesn't work for me, maybe just for making my hair soft, but then it seemed that my hair became dry and would need more product. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other products from that box, but lo and behold, my new box just arrived. LOL

  4. I'm not exactly sure what a twist out is but I have heard good things about Ojon...looks like a pretty good variety.

  5. I love how it turned out on your hair! If my hair doesn´t turn dry and brittle, then I´m okay with anything. ;)



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