Friday, July 18, 2014

Water Challenge

I drink at least one soda a day!!

Alright, I've confessed. Some would say that's a lot, but I think that great moderation on my part! My favorite soda used to be Mountain Dew, which is laced with tons of sugar...I know, I know. I've heard it all. My downfall is that I HATE water. I've never been one to drink a lot of water. Ask my mom...her solution to every ache or ailment used to be 'drink water' (or take a nap)! LOL. I also have a baby bladder and I hate getting up to use the bathroom; it's so inconvenient. Water makes me do just that, so that's a negative in my mind...unless I'm at home.

Now that I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle, I'm trying to drink more water. I've gotten up to a bottle of water a day, so now my goal is to drink 2 bottles a day. My boyfriend, the health nut, has become just like my mom with this water thing. He goes through spells where he drinks nothing but water and he tells me how much better his body feels when he has no soda in his system. So, he decided to issue me a challenge.

Drink only water for a week!

I almost passed out at the sound of the words coming out of his mouth! I'm not one to back down from a challenge, so I took him up on it. To be quite honest, I was curious to see how it would affect my body. Nothing but good things could come from it, right?!?!

The first day wasn't too bad, it was like a regular day. Usually I drink my one soda at dinner time so I was good the first day. Second day, the struggle was real! Instead of drinking more water to take the place of the soda I wasn't drinking, I wasn't drinking anything at all. I would eat my meals without drinking anything. I wasn't doing that on purpose, I just wasn't thirsty for water! By Tuesday night I felt horrible!! Needless to say, I was dehydrated! My girl Erin (at Life Beyond the Well) suggested I try drinking water out of cup with a straw as opposed to out of the bottle and wouldn't you know it, that worked!

The most water I drank the whole week was three bottles. Lol. I was having a bad week anyway and the fact that not drinking soda was physically affecting me made it even worse. I hate to say it but I must be addicted to the caffeine. My boyfriend felt so bad for me he gave me a break from the challenge on Wednesday to have a soda...but on Thursday and Friday was back to struggle city.

I must say that I didn't notice any difference between the week I was drinking nothing but water and any other week. It's not like I'm not drinking no water. I drink water almost every day. There are some days I forget. For instance, the reason my boyfriend challenged me was because he hadn't seen me drink water all weekend. I'm not perfect...I forget some times! I've even tried to trick myself by trying infused water. It didn't work but I tried it!

I know how important water is for my body. I'm working out; I'm having trouble with my hair; I'm getting older; My health is important; and these are all reasons I why I need to be drinking water and will continue to try and increase my water intake.

What are some of your suggestions for a non-water-drinking woman like me??

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  1. Drinking water is hard and is something that I am struggling with. I found out that i love lemon water and that helps me chug it down. But here is a website that I want to try and you put different fruit in the water and it suppose to make you drinking all the time. Some people say they don't do sodas anymore. Here is the website: I want to try it!

  2. Try infusing your water with fruit like Jacinda suggested. I have never had an issue drinking water. I consume at least a gallon a day. You'll get there soon enough! :-)

    1. Thanks Naz! You sound like my boyfriend; he drinks so much water I day. I just can't even fathom it at this point...LOL! I've tried infusing water with lemons. I didn't like it because I felt like it tasted like watered down lemonade!! However, I like some of the suggestions on the website Jacinda sent, so I'll try some of those before I completely write it off!

  3. I'm not a water drinker either. I don't drink a lot of anything in particular. Funny thing is one time I gave up sodas completely just to make me drink water. Like for a year or so. It didn't even make me drink more water, like plain water, I think I just found other stuff to drink. lol Drinking from a straw works for me, I also sometimes use the Fit Active flavors (no sugar, no carbs, 5 cal) to add into my water bottle. That helps. But honestly, I think it's a matter of the will power and controlling the mind. Every time someone I know goes on dialysis, I freak out and chug on water, but it doesn't last. You should see how many partially drunken bottles of water I have that I end up watering my plants with. Sad, I know. So if anything, I get it. If you learn the secret, please share. Until then, I'm just going to keep trying to do better.

  4. It´s really hard to drink water because it´s tasteless and odorless.Try adding a dash of lemon to your water or in my case if I don´t feel like drinking water I eat a lot of watermelon because it has lots of water, hahaha! Have a lovely week ahead. :)

    PS: About your ¨tucking in¨ question in my post, I usually wear a fitted top with my skirt. :)


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