Monday, September 15, 2014

Labor Day Weekend OOTD, Part 2

My part two outfit for Labor Day Weekend was more chill. I was planning on being up, out, and about all day, so this outfit allowed me to do more ripping and running!

This outfit is another TJ Maxx original! Same shopping trip as Part 1.
I'd been searching for black pants and just so happened to get lucky in that department too.
The tie-front shirts were popular this year, so I wanted to try my hand at this look! Like the other top, I'm hoping to wear this one a few more times before Autumn.
I know the sandals are hard to see but I ran up on a great sale at Belk by accident.
Like everything else I've mentioned, I've been looking for navy sandals or at least 2 years! lol
The sandals are navy blue and cork colored  Lauren (by Ralph Lauren) wedges.
I got these beautiful sandals for only $15!! I love catching good deals!
I also found this pearl necklace (that I SUPER LOVE...and wear every chance I get) by chance.
I'll have to do another post about the shoes and necklace at a later date!
So be on the lookout!

I spent some time this weekend getting creative with my pics. I have plans for my future in photography so I wanted to spend more time working on my photoshop skills.

The pic to the right is my fave.

I'm sure by now you know I'm from NC.

Everything about this picture screams North Carolina to me;

the trees, the manicured lawn, the neighborhood, the pick-up truck, the shrubbery, the bright sun (bka the heat :-)!

Being away from what you've known all your life makes you see things a little differently.

I'll always enjoy the visits! Can you tell I'm nostalgic?!?

 photo StarsSignature_zpscd054469.jpg

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(I have not been paid for this post, neither is this sponsored by TJ Maxx, Belk, or Lauren by Ralph Lauren.
These thoughts are totally my own...unpaid and honest.)


  1. That pose is also my favorite and you are seriously rockin' that HAIR!!

  2. You always look great in your clothes! I'm more of an online shopper, but you are inspiring to get out to TJ Maxx and find some deals of my own.

  3. You look gawjus!! lol. Loving the new hair!

  4. Lovin the outfit! I see you got a handle on your hair because its CUTE!!!!


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