Monday, September 22, 2014

Exercise Update #2

I must report that I got off track this past month. I've been traveling and entertaining guests, so it's thrown off my workout schedule. That didn't stop my from making gains though!!

Here are my updates (compared to last month's updates):
  • squats w/ bar: 185 pounds, 1 time (with a little help at the top)
  • horizontal calf (machine): 170 pounds, 10 times
  • leg extension (machine): 145 pounds, 10 times
  • leg curl (machine): 95 pounds, 8 times
  • walking front lunges: 80 pounds, 12 times
  • burnout squats: 25 pounds, 15 times
  • standing side leg raises: 10 pounds, 15 times
Here's what's new:
  • seated leg press (machine): 190 pounds, 12 times
  • hip abductor (machine): 105 pounds, 10 times
  • deadlift: 95 pounds, 4 times
  • back lunges: 20 pounds, 15 times
  • side lunges: 10 pounds, 15 times

I took about two weeks off from working out. I can definitely tell a difference. I'm working to get back where I was before I took that unscheduled break. I'm not too far off, so I know if I keep pushing I'll be back in no time! I've also noticed that I need to start some cardio. My endurance has decreased. I'm trying to work through sets as quickly as I can, so I can keep tension on the muscles I'm working out. That means shorter breaks in between each set, but since the break I get winded easier than I did before. I'm even having to pause in the middle of sets to catch my breath. I've never had to do that! So, I jog/walked about a mile yesterday around my neighborhood. I want to get to the point where I can jog the whole mile without having to stop.

Standing Side Leg Raise
I'm still about the same weight (~140 lbs) and my thighs are the same width (24"). I've added in some exercises to try and grow my hip muscles. The muscles I'm focusing on are muscles like the tensor fasciae latae, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus minimus, etc. I'm skeptical about exercises affecting hip size because I feel like that's more of a genetics thing. Regardless of what I think, I'm giving it a try. I should have actually measure my hips to add that in, so I'll probably do add that measurement to this post when I get home this afternoon, so I'll have something to compare in next month's update.

Seeing results from the new workouts will take longer than seeing results from something like squats. Squats are a compound workout. They work out multiple muscles in one movement. A workout like the side leg raises is more of an isolated workout, so it works fewer muscles. The amount of weight I can add on top of those exercises is minimal, which is another downside. When I started squatting I saw results soon after. A muscle has no choice but to grow when you're squatting 185 pounds! Leg raising 185 pounds is not likely to be happening, lol!! I know seeing results from the isolated workouts is going to take longer, so I'm just going to have to take my mind out of it...thinking that I'm not making progress if I don't SEE it!

I'm not a exercise guru, but I've done the research for the areas I'm concentrating my boyfriend helps me out a lot with the info part! Working out is an ongoing process. I'm going to continue on and hope for the best as I (and my muscles) grow!


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