Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My New 'Do!

Getting a Sew-In

The braid pattern used on my natural hair for a full sew-in with some edges for a leave outI've talked about this for months on end and the day finally came! And as I write this post, it's not exactly new anymore...but it's new to you guys. So, I'm going to share the happenings of my full sew-in and my honest opinion about how it's gone so far.

The whole purpose of the sew-in is to give my hair a chance to rest and do nothing but grow. I've been having so much trouble with my hair and the split ends I'd created...see herehere, or here to read a few of my gripes! Getting my appointment was a hassle in itself but after 2 canceled appointments and 2 months of waiting during the rescheduling, I was able to get it done before my trip home.

A full sew-in as a protective style for natural hair
If you don't know anything about sew-ins, I'll touch on the basics. The first step is getting your hair cornrowed. Depending on how you want the hair to lay, you can get it braided in different ways. I didn't get a fancy style, so my cornrows are straight-backs for the most part. The only product I remember seeing her use on my hair as she was braiding it was Beautiful Textures conditioner (as a moisturizer of sorts).

Next, a net is put over the cornrows to protect the hair from the tracks. As you can see my edges are twisted up (in the photo above). That's only temporary. Behind my twisted edges is a cornrow of hair that goes all around my head. This is the cornrow the net was sewn into.

After the net, she began to sew the tracks over the net and onto the braids in a circular motion. After the whole installation, she untwisted the row of hair and blended it into the tracks. The appointment took about 3 hours total and the photo you see above is the finished product (and the Day 3 look).

Full sew-in with edges leave outAfter a day of having my edges left out, they began to show through the hair. I ended up flat twisting the edges so they would be protected and out of the way.

Again I say my whole purpose for getting this sew-in was to protect my hair. There were three things I asked for with this sew-in. I wanted it to be at least bra strap length; I wanted a closure (which is a part created with track that's made to look like naturally parted hair; see here for more explanation), and I wanted to be able to put my hair in a high pony tail (see here for an example). These were the only things I requested. I know minimal information about weave, so I left it up to the hair stylist to give me the things I wanted, or to explain why it wasn't possible.

I got one of the three things I asked; and that was bra length hair. I didn't get the closure and I'm not able to put my hair unto a high ponytail...no explanations about why not. Did she forget, did the closure not come in...I have no idea! That's a little disappointing, but I was so ready to get the hair, that it was like...whatever already...just put it in.

Full sew-in on natural hair with leave out on edgesIt's been about two weeks since I've had the hair. To be honest, after the first weekend, I've had a hard time trying to manage this hair. It might not look that way from this pictures but upkeep has been harder than expected. The advice I got was not to put any products in it...but I feel like that would be just what I need to get the hair to lay right! Every day is not a big production, so I don't always need to spend time curling hair, hence where putting it into a ponytail would have been key! I can put most of the hair in a low ponytail, but the bangs hang out and those are the most annoying parts! I write and type all day long at work so the last thing I need is hair hanging down in my face!

My sister is the hair expert so every couple of days I'm whining to her about what I don't like about this hair and from 7.5 hours away she tries the best she can to offer advice. To be honest once more, I've kinda thrown the towel in with it to a small extent!! LOL. My opinion about my hair has significantly waned since getting it. I had a feeling this would happen over time, just not this soon! It worries me because my birthday is about three weeks away. I CANNOT look any ol' kind of way for my birthday. Furthermore the plan was to keep it for at least three months. The way things are going, I don't even know if I'm going to make it two months!

I have said I will do two things. 1) Get in touch with this hair stylist to see what I'm doing wrong or to see if there's anything I can do to make it not look so ratty. When I say ratty, I mean the hair isn't silky anymore. The ends, especially, have gotten raggedy looking, like that of split ends. The hair has become stiffer making it look more like a wig and the hair that hangs around my neck continues to bunch up...SIGH!!! 2) If that doesn't work then I want to try to get to the salon I've been going to for my trims to get it looked at and styled...at least for my birthday.

Now that two weeks into this sew-in thing and I've paid all that money for it, I'm feeling like I should have gotten braids or twist. I'm sure if I had done that, I'd want the sew-in! To think where my hair would be if I had never tried to straighten it myself makes me want to cry...still! I know I can't keep reliving past hair mistakes, but it's hard not to when the goal I know I would have been closer to reaching has been pushed so far back because of something I did! Y'all just pray for me and this hair of mine. I'm sure to get it right eventually!

Do any of you have suggestions for my sew-in woes?!
I'm all ears for anything that will help me feel more comfortable at this point.

AND while I'm here let me say...make sure y'all come back Friday!! I'm hosting a new link up and would love the support!!

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  1. Well, it looks nice. I don't know a lot about weaves, either. Unless it's a curly synthetic weave, mine have always started to look a little ratty really fast, too, although my rattiness has probably been due to neglect. I've always been told that you should lightly oil or put a leave in conditioner in hair, depending on what kind it is, and brush it. I hope your stylist can help out!!!

  2. It came out really nice! I know what yo mean about trying to do something that will just give your own hair abreak. I did that this summer with box braids. Mainly because I know absolutely nothing about a weave and felt being low maintenance myself it would take to much for me to keep it looking right. I have now had my braids in since July (with one redo) and I love them. The second time I went a bit smaller and with a different texture hair and love it! I have noticed growth to my hair as well as it being healthier. Thanks for sharing your new do with us :D

  3. Looks beautiful you wear it well :), enjoy!

  4. I know nothing about sew ins, but I will say from these pics, the hair looks great! I do feel you on the maintenance even of this and I believe you should be able to get yours money's worth from this style. If it were me, I'd get my hair for my birthday and let that be a day or series of days that you don't have to worry about what's going right or wrong. Remember, I opted for the braids and they have been fine. The stylist did a great job, but I am style challenged so I've been wearing the same look for weeks on end. My birthday is coming up too and I wanted it to look fresh but I'm at that point (since she did such a great job) where it's a little too early to get it taken out and redone. Plus there's the time factor. Get your money's worth. Don't give up. We can do this! :-)

  5. I loveeeee a good sew-in! Makes my hair grow like a weed! The key is to get a good quality of hair which typically is expensive. But, you get what you pay for, it lasts for months and the best part: you can re-use it! I've re-used hair 3 or 4 times before throwing it out. The more hair you leave out, the more natural it looks (the perimeter of your head and the front) That's the only way to achieve a ponytail. That's the downside to sew-ins because you have to keep hitting it with a flat iron, causing heat damage. Your hair looks fantastic btw!

  6. Well this is interesting, I had no idea what a sew in was until you explained it. I have never even tried extensions or anything because my hair is so long and thick it makes me hot enough as it is, especially in summer ! I am looking forward to fall! No humidity means my hair will be able to stay straight!


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