Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In 2015

My New Year's (Not So) Resolution

I was looking forward to the 2014 holiday season for so many reasons. I wanted to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family; I did that. I wanted to spend time with my friends doing things that adult life won't let us do as often as we used to, I did that. I needed time off of work; I got that. Even with all I did, there's never enough time to do everything or to see everybody, but I must say I'm pleased with how I was able to spend my time, these past two months.

I don't have resolutions for the year. I never do, really, but I have goals that I'm striving to reach. Towards the end of last year, things got completely out of control, time-wise. When the holiday season rolled around, I had to let working out go, my home schedule got off track and so did my blogging schedule. I had this cloud looming over my head of things I knew I had to do and things I wanted to get done...and I wanted to do it all in one day, even though I knew it wasn't physically possible. As a matter of fact, it's still there! As much of a stressor as that cloud is for me, I've settled with doing what I'm able to get done in what little time I have and I'm satisfied with that.

This year, my focus is time management. At one point, I used to write out my schedules for the week. I had a plan for what I was going to do with each hour of my time in each day. I need that stability again. I need that guide. I need to know that although I won't get everything done today, I have a plan to complete everything by the end of the week or month.

This is my goal. My days have been cut short by my new work schedule, but I am determined to make these hours work for me! I will use January to do some mock trials of day scheduling to see how it goes.

At the end of the day, I'm trying to live my life to the fullest. There are things I want for myself and for my life that are going to require a more together schedule than this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants schedule I have now. I'm determined to make it work, so I know it will work!

Watch me work!

P.S. - I know you can't help but notice the new hairdo; post to come soon!

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  1. That's what I did try to set goals. The onws I set I really need to get a move on them. I'll look up ans the.year will be gone. Glad you had a nice holiday ans nice pics

    1. So true Christina. I have to make this year work for me. It's a big one!! Let's get a move on!!

  2. It can definitely be challenging to get back on track in terms of time management when your professional obligations occupies much of your day. I think the main reason I've been able to commit so much time to blogging is because I'm not working a regular job right now. Good luck with figuring out a new schedule for yourself, Mi. :)


  3. Yes, honey, time management!

    I have so many plans for this year and I'm determined to be productive and progressive in 2015 (you hear me!). I'm using my planner DAILY to keep track of everything and to actually plan things out (including blog posts - attempting to have a theme or focus each month and everything). I almost feel like I might be doing too much but at the same time I spent way too much of my time last year stressing about all I had and wanted to do while doing nothing about it.

    So I'm totally with you, we can and we will make it work!

  4. Time management has been a big fat fail for me in 2014. My plan is to turn it around and maximize my time in 2015. #blmgirls www.mimicutelips.com

    1. Ditto for the 2014 part! That's why I'm making it my focus this year. I WILL do better!

  5. The revised blog look Great and those pics of you and your honey is too kuuute. Happy 2015 to you!!


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