Friday, April 5, 2013

Last Dilemma Tuesday

This past Tuesday was Dilemma Tuesday. Although that's what I've decided to name my salon days, this Tuesday wasn't actually a dilemma for me. I already knew what I needed to do!! It was definitely time for a trim. I hadn't had my hair trimmed since my big chop in November! As I discussed here, my ends were in desperate need of a trim.

Here's my hair before the salon:

My afro before going to the salon to get my natural hair straightened.

 Here is my straightened hair, pre-cut:

Here's my hair post cut:

And here's a comparison shot. My hair the first time it was straightened in January (for my Naturalversary) and my hair now (at the end of March):

When I first looked at my hair, I thought it hadn't grown much. All this hair just seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Like one day, I fluffed my afro out and it was a lot larger than usual. And only after doing a comparison shot of my straightened hair, I realized it had grown extremely quickly in just two months. The girls at the salon give me a hard time because I always tell them I'm ready for some hang When I saw this, it doesn't mean that I don't really think my hair is growing, I just have personal goals for my natural hair, and that's the day I'm waiting for. :-)

So, I'm very excited to see what my hair will look like by the summer!

What do you think?

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  1. Beautiful - God has truly blessed you!

    1. Thanks, He certainly has...and because I know this I try not to "complain" per se, but we all strive for improvements!

  2. So pretty, Mionna!!! I actually really like this shorter look on you. It's a lot longer than you think though. Bu, I totally get what you're saying especially considering how long your hair has been and I know it's your preference.

    I so have to get to your stylist!!! I think I'll give her a call next week!

    1. Thanks Nicole!! I definitely think the short look is sassy and all, but you're right, I'm definitely used to having the longer hair! Have you called yet?? You're about due aren't you??

  3. It looks nice. Your natural state looks visually full and healthy. Its amazing that the natural state looks just as good as the relaxed hair because hairdressers always said to be I couldn't get the same look with natural hair.

    And I was always told that natural hair is harder to maintain so I think that is why so many moms just relaxed their daughters hair but natural is better for the body. No one has ever said if Cancer could come from years of having relaxed hair since its a chemical used in car batteries?

    1. Thanks Sistergirl!! I love the versatility of my natural hair so much more than relaxed hair. I wouldn't say that natural hair is harder to maintain, but it's definitely more time consuming!! I love getting low maintenance styles or protective styles because that makes putting it up at night and taking it down in the morning so much easier!! And if I'm blessed with daughters, I'm definitely not putting relaxers in their hair!

  4. Hi Mionna! Love your hair both ways, and your bangs are rockin'! Have a blessed week!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  5. Your hair is healthy and gorgeous either way you style it. And that's one of the things I love about natural hair - versatility!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Tiffany!! I always meet some great people through the hops so thank you for hosting!!

  7. Love love love it! I love your before pics, just beautiful!!!
    -Natasha @ Lovely You

  8. Your hair looks beautiful and healthy. It started my natural hair journey about 3 years ago and every time I take out my braids, weaves or whatever, I'm amazed at how healthy and long my hair is today from when I used chemicals. I love your hair.

    1. Thanks!! I had very long hair when it was relaxed, it was just very thin. It's been an adjustment to having the short hair and no hang time, but I'm pushing through. I know it will only be a matter of time!


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