Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is My Hair Still Growing?!

15 Months Natural

It's a little past time for my length check, but it's still April so we're going to roll with it anyway.

You all know how I'm longing for some hang time, right?! So, I go to do my length check and I'm wondering, where is all my hair??!! This might seem like a silly question, but it seems as if my hair has stopped growing. Here is my April length check:

March 24 = 60 weeks natural, 19 weeks since the BC

April 29 = 65 weeks natural, 24 weeks since the BC

I know you see what I see!! I've lost length! Let's compare 'fros!!

Then Now

This whole month I've been thinking that my hair wasn't as long and I had convinced myself that I was losing my mind, but indeed I am not!! (Look at the progress I had been making here and here!!)

Then I remembered this:

Last month I got a "trim". It was a drastic trim because I wasn't getting my hair trimmed regularly. I kept saying I needed to get it trimmed and even blogged about it a few times, but never went through with it. I ended up going about 5 months without a trim. That's right!! I hadn't had my hair trimmed since my BC...LOL. I think the BC was such a dramatic experience for me that I wouldn't let my cosmetologist get near my head with a pair of scissors for a while. I've learned my lesson. Never again will I go that long without getting my hair trimmed. I lost good length during that trim and I'm definitely feeling it now. Losing length is not helping me reach my goal of getting some hang time!!

I'm sure there will be other lessons to learn throughout this natural hair journey of mine. 
What are some lessons you've had to learn the hard way??

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! It's kinda in that awkward stage...but for now, I'm still managing it!

  2. I love your natural hair... it is so pretty!! Good for you on wanting to have healthy hair! I'm trying to be a healthy me, and it's been challenging, but I'm getting there! I found you via the GFC bloghop :). Following you now, and am a newbie! Looking forward to reading more about your natural hair journey :).

    1. Im slowly getting on board with the healthy me thing. It's tougher than some people make it. I think healthy hair is a great start because its def been a tough journey. If I can do that, I can def do a healthy me too! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you visit again!

  3. I found your blog on friend connect. Your hair is gorgeous. It's growing I use to ask myself the same question lol. Now my hair is more than halfway to waist length. HHJ!aprilboller.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by April. I will definitely have to check you out. I would be happy if I could just get my hair to my chin!!!

  4. I love your hair!

    Lillies & Silk

  5. Lovely hair! I helped my hair grow by using coconut oil, heres my blog post http://rubyrubyrose.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/coconut-oil-hair.html

    It might not be a direct link so just copy and paste into search bar ;)

    ruby xoxoxo

    1. I used to use coconut oil and I've written quite a few log posts on it...you should check them out!! I just recently switched because that oil was breaking my face out, but I may switch back. Thanks for stopping by!! I'll def check your post out.

  6. I love your hair. It's pretty long too. I get impatient because I want my hair to grow, but I don't do enough protective styling.

    New follower from That Lovely Blog Hop. Have a wondefrul weekend.

    1. I was just telling myself that it was about time for another protective style but I've got so many things coming up...graduations, weddings, vacations...I have to time it just right!! Thanks for stopping by and following!!

  7. My lesson learned was this: Never get my hair trimmed when it's in the tightly curled state. I did that and just let me tell you, I almost cried like a baby in the salon. That "trim" which really was a cut took me back 6 months of growth. Since then I make sure to get my hair blown out, then trimmed. For my texture hair that works best. If you want to see, check out this page: http://artisticexpressionsbyelisabeth.blogspot.com/p/2011-hair-challenge.html

    1. Well, I trust my hair stylist. She does an excellent job with my hair. She won't cut it unless it's straight or twisted. Since I don't get my hair twisted that often, she cut it straight...but all that was cut off definitely needed to be cut off b/c it would tangle up every single night! I'm definitely excited to check out your hair journey!!


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