Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five Question Friday (& Saturday!)

I was on the road Friday rendering me unable to do my Friday link-ups, so I'm squeezing it all into one! Today I'm linking up with:



1. What was the most productive thing you have done this week?

Wowzers! In case you guys haven't noticed (by my lack of interaction on my blog...sorry!), I AM OVERWHELMED!! I'm overwhelmed at work, home, church...everywhere. I'm stretched thin...but amongst all that, I'm trying to at least create some normalcy in all the chaos. I need some help, to be honest. Having to do everything by myself is starting to catch up with me. I say, on a daily basis, "I need an assistant!" My coworkers laugh at me every time...but I'm oh so serious! I know I wont get an assistant, but a helping pair of hands would be nice. ANYWHO, out of the one million tasks I have to do, the most productive thing I can say I've done this week is successfully pack up my life in preparation for a mini vacay in DC. I know that might not sound "productive", but for me it is! I'm a terrible packer!

2. Enjoying the winter or ready for spring?

This is not even a question in my book. If you read this, you know I'm not a winter person. I've been ready for Spring since it first started getting cold!! Spring is my favorite season. It needs to hurry up and get here! I'm tired of snow forecasts and I'm tired of wearing winter clothes. I'm ready to bust out with sleeveless shirts and sandals. I have so many pairs of sandals that I can mix and match with outfits like nobody's business! Being the frugal shopper I am, I can always find a good deal. I rarely pay over $10 for sandals...and some of these are name brand sandals! For instance, I recently bought a pair of leopard American Eagle sandals for $8. GREAT buy, right?! 

3. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Is your spouse the same as you?

I'm definitely an introvert. I've always been shy, since I can remember. My saying is "I don't like being the center of attention!" Now that I'm getting older, I'm getting more comfortable with being in, or putting myself in, situations that make me be an extrovert. Depending on the situation, I actually enjoy it...but there are still situations that make me nervous. I don't have a spouse, but my partner is a little bit of both. He can definitely entertain a room, but also prefers his me time. That's why we're the perfect match!!

4. Would you rather go without music or television for 1 year?

This is an easy question! Lol. If you read here, or here, or you would know how much I LOVE music! For the most part, I only watch TV for background noise. I have too much going on in my life not have music in it! I've loved music since I was baby. my daddy is a DJ and always has been. I mean, now he just does it on the side, but I was exposed to music very early on because of it. Music can be a mood regulator or a mood complimenter.  Music is my friend and we can never part :-)

5. Have you ever been truly scared of someone?

PUHLEASE!! What do I look like?! I've never had a reason to be scared of anybody, besides my Moma when she was getting ready to whoop me!! Lol. Like I said in question 3, I'm in introvert. I've learned some valuable lessons by being an introvert, which is also a reason why I feel I can become comfortable with being an extrovert when it's needed.  You have to be careful when interacting with others. People are people and you can never know what to expect...I guess that's just the psychology in me. I tend to me, and I always have. It's really hard to have issues with anybody else when you're not stirred up in everything.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. In the past few years I realized I wasn't really watching tv either, so I cut my cable bill down to the smallest package they offered (like $14) and am totally satisfied. If it's going to be background noise, it might as well be cheap. LOL Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. I really wish I could get a $14 cable bill. I'm afraid to cut some of my channels out because I think I'll miss them once they're gone. Maybe I should try it for a few months!

  2. You and me both! I'm SO ready for spring! And I could never live without music. It pretty much gets me through everything.

    1. Yes, we only have a couple of days before the start of spring...and daylight saving this weekend...yay!! Music definitely helps me get through A LOT!

  3. Love this post, you definitely put a smile on my face and after the day I had today, I needed it. Thanks girl, and yes, I can truly say that my music has saved the day countless times. Hope you enjoy/ed your trip.


    1. Aww!! I'm so glad that I was able to help you smile!! I did enjoy my trip and I hope things are looking up nowadays!!

  4. Looks like i had a mini vacay in D.C. at the same time you did! What was your favourite site to see?

    : signe

    PS~ You have the coolest name!

    1. Oh that's awesome! I love DC and wouldn't mind living there!! My boyfriend lives there so every time I go we do something a little different. If I had to pick a favorite I would say the Lincoln Monument, just because I didn't realize it was like a museum in there! It was definitely interesting to see.

      And thank you (about my name). You've inspired me to write a post about it!!


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