Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 Dilemma Tuesdays

Different Natural Hairstyles

So, I haven't posted about Dilemma Tuesday for 3 weeks because I wanted to surprise my boyfriend. The surprise went very well, so now I'll show it to you!

I decided to try a roller set. Surprisingly, the look held up really well. It looked more like a straight style than a natural style, but I loved it just the same.

Day 1
Day 10
Day 11
2 wks - after combing the curls out
I loved this style and will definitely get it again. In order to keep the style, I pin curled it each night and secured it with bobby pins. The downside was this took 20+ minutes to do...and there was a many a night when I didn't feel like doing it! But I did and it lasted the whole two weeks!!

I also didn't moisturize my scalp like I wanted to for fear of messing up the curls. My stylist suggested I start using a q-tip to apply coconut oil because I was using too much. She also gave me a lighter oil to try to combat all the issues I was having with the coconut oil. The oil is Influance's It's Natural, Natural Oil...yeah, the name cracks me up! This oil is made by the same company that makes the moisturizer I got from the salon, which I love, so I'm hoping to love the oil too.

I told her about all the itching I was still having as well. She gave me some type of treatment (I believe a tea tree oil treatment) to help relieve the itching. I need to ask what it is, so I can share that with you. She also told me my scalp was in great condition and thought it may just be my nerves, which I can totally get behind (because in the past, I've noticed that I scratch my head when I'm nervous, stressed, upset, etc.). With everything I've been doing, I think the stress of it all is starting to catch up with me.

During the most current Dilemma Tuesday I decided to get a protective style. After having spent so much time having to set my hair every single night for two weeks, I went into the salon already knowing what I wanted! Hand claps for me, right?! Here's how it turned out:

I got two french braids that connect in the back (the part goes into a 'S' shape in the back). I love the style and I'm definitely going to try my best to keep it the whole 2 weeks. My problem is that my hair is so soft that it frizzes out quickly. I've tried to gel the frizz down, but I feel I've made it worse! You can't see the frizz from afar, so I'm glad I don't have anybody to impress because I'm not taking this style out until I get good and ready!!

Which do you like between the roller set and french braids??

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  1. I like both hair styles for different reasons/occasions. As with most curly styles, I like them better after the curls have loosened up. so you know I'm totally loving the last two photos. The braided style was one of my go-to styles for a while. It's quick and easy and lasts. Sometimes I would put flower clips or decorative hair pins to spice it up a bit.

    Oh, and yesterday, I decided to create a Bloglovin account. Let's see how this goes. :-)

    1. I believe you're right. I really loved the curly style, but that night work was horrible!! She told me I could wrap it at night, but I was unsure of how wrapped natural hair would look. Yet, the french braids are definitely coming in handy since this is a very busy week for me.

      And I'm going to find you on Bloglovin' right now!! I hope we both like it!

  2. Replies
    1. I like them too...if only my hair wouldn't frizz so much!

  3. Love the curls and the protective style. I haven't been to the beauty shop in months. You make me want to go and get french braided up.

    1. I love it...LOL...but you could also just find a friend who's really good at braiding!


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