Monday, April 18, 2016

Wash Day Woes

6 Things To Remember When Wash Day Doesn't Go Well

We all have those wash days that don't go as well as we were expecting them to. I just had one recently. I was going to go into wash day and come right back out because I'd gotten my wash days down to a science, or so I thought. My hair had different plans for me that day. So, in the midst of my super long detangling session, there were a few things I wanted to share with people who find themselves in this situation.

1. Take your time!

You will get frustrated with yourself or the process, and that's okay. Take your time with whatever you're doing. During my most recent wash day, I had to detangle my hair again after shampooing it. I hadn't done anything I don't normally do, so I couldn't understand why my hair was so tangled. I still don't BUT I knew I couldn't detangle my hair with frustration. Whenever you get in a hair bind, remember these words: Take. Your. Time!

2. Tackle your hair in small sections.

Separate hair into sections for detanglingI usually do my hair in four sections. The amount trouble I'm having with my hair determines the number of sections I end up with! Taking on hair in smaller sections makes triumph more attainable. It's more time but less stress on your hair. Smaller sections equal smaller problem areas to deal with at a time. You don't want to overwhelm yourself so you might even need to...

3. Take a break.

I get frustrated with my hair all the time. I'm a natural hair blogger, so this may seem odd, but I really don't consider myself a "hair person". I'm learning as I go. I bring you the most polished results, but there's a lot of frustration before getting to "polished". As I said in #1, you can't do your hair while frustrated or at least I can't. Sometimes you have to step away and take a breather; gather your thoughts, and come back with a different approach. If you don't feel like this is good enough then...

4. Consult a cosmetologist.

If things are beyond your repair, don't feel bad if you need help!! If you do your own hair, you may feel like you can fix it yourself. If something serious is going on, you "fixing" it might be causing more damage than good OR you might feel as if there's nothing more that you can do. There was one situation I encountered where I threw my hands up and made an emergency hair appointment. Know your limits!! I like to take breaks from doing my hair every now I then. I like to have professional eyes looking at my hair to make sure I'm not doing severe harm to it on my own. So, if you need a break from doing your hair yourself, take one! Get advice about your products, the techniques you're using, and make sure your hair is on the right track!

5. won't go bald!

This is my go to when I'm having trouble with my hair. I always tell myself this! You shed strands of hair every day. When you only comb your hair every two weeks, that shed hair adds up and can seem like too much when looking at it all at once. There are levels to this shed hair thing. There is no such thing as a normal amount of shed hair! There are so many factors to consider, which is why #4 is so important, in my opinion. However, you will not go bald (medical conditions and other abnormal factors aside), so remember...

6. Everything will be alright.

No matter what, it's just hair and it will always grow back! We all make mistakes and have bizarre things happen to us. You have to consider what's best for you and the future of your hair.

With this latest rough patch, I think it's time for me to get back to a MY cosmetologist. With my wedding quickly approaching, I happen to be starting hair trials next month! SO...I'll be seeing my regular cosmetologist. Let's just take a minute to thank Him for this opportunity...

Y'all don't know how long I've been waiting to return my hair to her hands, or maybe you do!! I've talked about going back to her ever since I left NC! I have a list of things we need to discuss and, like always, I will be sharing every step of the way with you all! I know if anybody can get my hair back on track, it's her. For now, I just want to continue maintaining my hair. I don't want to put a lot of stress on it, so I'm keeping it simple.

What advice would you give in a time of hair crisis?

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  1. These are all right on point! I'm currently needing to take down this sew in and wash but considering how wash day may be; I may just make me an appointment to a stylist now ;) just for take down and wash. As you mentioned, know your limits...

    1. This is very weird but I'm not able to see this comment on the desktop version. Nevertheless, you are certainly right. We have to know where we are and consider that before taking on more than we know we're ready for! It's a struggle and I know it'll only get harder as the hair gets longer!


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