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Using Essential Oils: Lavender Oil

Everyday Uses for Lavender Oil

About two months ago, I shared five essential oils I decided to try out on my natural hair. Since the oils are very potent, you don't need much to concoct any mixture you want to make. I'm moving towards wanting more natural products going into and on my body, so I thought it would be a good idea to try these oils on something other than my hair. I thought of other things I needed and began to research.

How I use avocado oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil

Lavender oil (LO) is first up because this is the essential oil I use the most. If you've never smelled lavender oil, you're doing yourself an injustice! It smells like heaven in a bottle. There are a number of benefits, so let's recount a few of them.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

There are a various benefits depending on what you want to use the oil for. These are the benefits I found useful for my needs:
~Helpful in the treatment of hair loss
~Improves blood circulation
~Antimicrobial/antioxidant help fight skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, dry skin, etc.
~Calming effects help relieve headaches, nervous tension and emotional stress

Since these benefits caught my attention, here are the recipes I whipped up to try it out.

Lavender Oil Uses

A lavender oil, avocado oil, & Cetaphil mixtureA) 5 drops of LO + 1 tbsp of AO = moisturizing oil for the scalp & headache massage oil

I've only been trying this for a few months, so I haven't noticed much difference in my hair. The goal is to use this mixture every 2-3 days. I've never been good at massaging my scalp, but when I feel like my scalp is getting dry or too itchy, I apply this oil.

I also found that this was a good mixture to try for headaches, so I did. I applied it to my temples and the back of my neck and kept it there overnight. It didn't help my migraine, but I discovered another option that involving peppermint oil (post about that soon to come).

B) 5 drops of LO + 1 tbsp of AO + 1 tbsp of cocoa butter = dry skin hand butter

I use this mixture every day. I wash my hands so much throughout the day that it gets a little annoying! I guess that just what happens when you increase your water intake!! So, to combat dry skin, I've created this mixture. The softness of the cocoa butter and oils mixed together works wonders for my hands, and the smell gets a double yes!

C) 10 drops of LO + 2 tbsp of avocado oil + 2 tbsp of Cetaphil moisturizing cream = dry skin body cream

The ingredients used to make dry skin body creamThis is the mixture I use to moisturize my body. My dermatologist suggested I use Cetaphil for my face. I avoided using it for a long time because I grew up using Vaseline as a moisturizer; some habits are hard to break! The older I got though, the more I found myself needing penetrating moisturizers for my skin. Nothing seemed to work well enough. I put this mixture on in the morning and it lasts all day. I've never tried this out, but if I had to put money on it, I'm sure it could last longer than 24 hours!

I've already bought a second bottle of lavender oil, so I plan on researching and experimenting more with this oil. Don't worry! This will be an ongoing series so I'll share any new developments here.

Stay tuned for posts about the other oils (peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, avocado); see what's working and what's not; and be on the lookout for any new oils I decide to buy in the future!

How do you use lavender oil?
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