Friday, August 15, 2014

Side Flat Twist

Hair Inspiration

Everyone who follows me, in some sort of capacity, knows what kind of place I'm in with my hair! I've finally gotten fed up about feeling this way and I've made the decision to do protective styling for several months...if not a year!

I've talked about doing protective styles many times before but I've never followed through. I'm more serious than I've ever been at this point. I talked about my first protective style of choice in this post and I made arrangements to have this done! The problem is I've had two appointments scheduled and canceled due to circumstances not my own. Thanks to these unfortunate happenings, I'm still having to find things to do with my hair. Out of unfortunate circumstances and limited time came creativity!

I follow a lot of people, groups, and entities on IG for hair inspiration and I just so happened to come across this style on IG @bummblebee7. It's just like the normal twist out I always do but it has a flat twist on the side!

I liked this style because the right side of my hair isn't as full as the left side, so the flat twist disguises that. With this style, I brought the part down lower on the left side which allowed my to fling more hair to the right side. It all just worked out!

Where do you get hair inspiration from?

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