Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Exercise Update

This is a better time than any to do an exercise update! I've been going hard, but I must report that I've still only been focusing on my legs. I feel like my upper body looks good and I could always work on it later!

Squatting 135 me Squatzilla!
Here's what's new:
  • squats w/ bar: 155 pounds, 1 time
  • stationary front lunges w/ bar: 95 pounds, 10 times
I had the opportunity to get to an actual gym facility this past week so along with a few exercises I found on YouTube I added a few machines:
  • leg extension (machine): 85 pounds, 18 times
  • leg curl (machine): 50 pounds, 18 times
  • horizontal calf (machine): 150 pounds, 13 times
  • burnout leg press (machine): 90 pounds, 25 times
  • standing side leg raises: 45 times
  • kickbacks: 36 times
  • stationary side lunges w/ bar: 55 pounds, 12 times - each leg
  • stationary back lunges w/ bar: 45 pounds, 6 times - each leg
Unfortunately all the regular squat racks were taken at the gym so I had to work out in the crossfit room. I'm not throwing any shade but I don't do crossfit!! I point this out because the weights look a lot different than normal weights!

Case and point!
Now that I'm doing this first update, I think I should report more than how much weight I'm lifting. I want to increase body mass as well as strength, therefore I'm probably not going to go much higher with the weight lifting, but who knows?! Maybe I'll be lifting 300 pounds before I know it!

I'm not trying to gain weight per se and I'm definitely not trying to lose any weight. I'm actually maintaining a steady weight, so I can't use that. I've measured the width of my thighs as well but they seem to be staying in a stationary position for the time being. I'm at a loss!!

What do you suggest I keep track of along with how much weight I'm lifting??

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  1. Well damn! This is awesome! I need to get my butt back in the gym because I haven't been there in ages, all these vacations aren't helping either!

  2. Wow! Look at you. Nice share :)

  3. That's a very good squat. I hate squats. Nice weight too!

  4. You go girl!!!!! I cant wait to drop this load and get back in the gym!

  5. Yeeeaa... you do much better than me. I despise leg day lol


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