Friday, August 22, 2014

Bad News

Remember this?! Remember how I didn't want to be in the 71%?? Well, I failed the challenge!! Let me explain.

I was going strong...

Then life happened! LOL!! I had a very busy week preparing for my sister's baby shower, packing for an extended weekend trip home for the baby shower, cleaning the house, exercising, etc! I missed day 59 and didn't even realize it until day 60! We spent all day decorating the venue for the baby shower, preparing the food, getting the games ready, etc. I'm not even mad at myself for forgetting!! It's completely understandable. I thought for a quick second that maybe I should go back and try to pick it back up, but the point of the challenge was to make a post every day. I didn', I failed!

However, this does not mean that I fail at 'happiness'. Like I talked about here, some times you have to live life off the grid to actually enjoy it. I must say having to find something to take a picture of every day was taxing! You go through the whole day wondering if you should take a picture of xyz and post it...or wondering if you should wait to see if something more exciting happens that day. To be honest, I was kind of relieved when I realized I wouldn't have to participate in the challenge anymore! Posting a picture every day just isn't my thing.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I've continued to post things that make me smile and that make me happy:
~ I watched my mom's best softball game this year with 2 home runs and a triple (leading her team into the tournament).
~ My family and friends celebrated the upcoming birth of my niece, Ms. Jordynn Aubrielle Newborn.
~ My softball team was 2nd place regular season AND 1st place city-wide tournament champs!
~ I'm campaigning to help Jeremiah raise money to go to the best school for autism in his area (you can still donate by clicking here).
~ I helped on my very first DC friends celebrate her birthday!
~ And I'm steadily making gains with this weight lifting thing!

So, you see...even though the challenge was fun, I didn't fail! I don't have to post a picture every day to enjoy life...

I'm too busy living!

Enjoy your weekend guys! Live it up!! :-)

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