Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend OOTD

Cute Summer Outfits and Shoes

I got cute this weekend for Mother's Day and I wanted to share my outfit(s) of the day(s) with you! The main thing I'm showcasing with both of these outfits is the shoes! I'm in the process of revamping my summer shoe collection and I just so happened to have my attention immediately grabbed by these beauties when I saw them!

This first outfit is a freebie because the shirt and jeans are years old (unbeknownst to most who see them) AND I can't remember where I got some of these items from! Hey, I'm just being honest!! I'm not a fashion blogger and I don't do OOTD posts often so give me a break! Either way, I was fly, so I captured the moments and I'm sharing them!

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: ??? (But I love the
white-washed 90s look of them)
Sunglasses: Francesca's
Shoes: It's Fashion Metro

This next outfit was hot off the racks. I realized I didn't pack any clothes for church! It's Mother's Day, what was I thinking?! I wanted to find something that matched my shoes so I lucked up when I found this outfit! Me and white usually don't get along and I try to stay away from it but I'm stepping out of so many boxes with my wardrobe this year and this dress was HOT so I thought why not!

Blazer: borrowed from sis
[I should have taken a pic without the blazer so you could see how cute this dress is! It's sleeveless. The dress is fitted but has fabric that hangs in the front in back (sort of like a large shirt that's been tucked in.) I'll try to do a follow up post to show you what I'm talking about!]
Shoes: It's Fashion Metro
Watch: Michael Kors

Let's get into these shoes though! I got so many compliments on them all weekend!!
Here's a close up:

They're different and I haven't seen anything like them anywhere.
I love them! Not much else to say about them but 'Cute, right?!' :-)

Y'all have a great weekend!!

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  1. I LOVE the dress! I think last minute buys are the best ones and it totally matched all your accessories from the first amazing casual look...

  2. You look Great in the dress and I love those shooze. . . .the colors are just right Mi! enjoy. . .

  3. Love the jeans with the red top and accessories, those shoes are so interesting and cute! looking good :)



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