Friday, April 25, 2014

She Reads Truth

When I moved away from Greenville, I moved away from my church home too. I had a very, Very, VERY good church home that I miss on a daily basis. (If you're ever in the Greenville, NC area you should check it out: Koinonia Christian Center Church!! If you're not, they stream live every Wednesday and Sunday. You'll love it!) I was fed awesome Word, I was active in the projection ministry (which was in charge of things like putting the bible verses and words to songs on the screen, operating the video input switch, etc.), I was active in the publication ministry (which took notes of the sermons, published the church newsletter, wrote church devotionals, etc.), and I had good relationships with the members. I can definitely say that the bar has been set extremely high for the churches around here and I have yet to have any luck!

So, because of the lack I feel, I've been looking for some supplemental items to add to my life that can help me have a better understanding and relationship with God in this time of transition. I've recently started this daily devotional tailored for women...that's kind of a big deal in the blog world called #SheReadsTruth.


The newest plan #TheRisenChrist started Wednesday. If you'd like to join, join!! So far, so good. Spending any time with The Word is good for your soul, but having some guided devotional is always helpful. Delving deeper than just reading the devotional but thinking about what it means to you and for you life, meditating on The Word, and putting this stuff to good use is a part of the formula for success!!

What devotionals do you enjoy reading??

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  1. I'll have to pass your former church's info to a colleague. Her son is attending ECU and may be looking for a church home. He belonged to a non-denominational church back home and this might be his style.

  2. I am a She Reads Truth fan. I've fallen off the bandwagon a bit and the crazy in me wants me to start when a new plan starts and not in the middle. Maybe this evening I will spend the time catching up and join in.

    I tell you I love the comments there. So much more to learn and understand when people share their insights into the scripture and passage. Thank you for reminding me I need to start getting back up 30 minutes earlier to indulge in the word like I used to. Definitely makes my day better.


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