Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flexi Rods...AGAIN!

Salon Flexi-Rod Set

I know, I know. I've been doing flexi rods since January y'all, but listen...

I was hesitant about going back to the salon after two weeks, because I knew I could pull off wearing my hair straight for another week. I ended up making myself go because I knew with softball practice every week my hair wasn't going to go another week! I also wanted to get this salon visit out of the way and get myself used to going to the salon every 2 weeks again.

I texted my cosmetologist and told her I had no idea what I wanted done to my head, which is most often the case. Somehow during the conversation, it's revealed that to me (from my understanding) that she only works with straight natural hair. Duhn, duhn, DUHN!!!! Oh No (I'm thinking to myself)!!! I went through all the work of finding somewhere to get my hair done and now this! I'd already made my appointment for Saturday, so I told her I would keep it, but I also told her we would have to discuss a different kind of schedule than every two weeks because I usually don't straighten my hair more than about once every 3 months.

Saturday gets here and I'm like Tammy, NO!! We talked a bit and she told me that she was trying to say she prefers to work with more tame hair when she's curling it...not that she only works with straight hair. She also said that my hair was too soft for some of the other styles and if she gave me a style she wanted it to last. I definitely get that, because I'm paying my hard earned money...I want it to last too! But that's just the nature of my hair. I've had  flat twist styles, and updos, and whatever else. The longest my hair is lasting is a good week. My hair is very soft and it is naturally frizzy. Period. So she ended up suggesting I try another girl in the shop who does more of the natural hairstyles I was looking for. I'm thinking about going to her the next go round...so, I may find myself giving her a try sooner rather than later.

These are the results. As you can see from the pic above, the curls are definitely popping!! If I sit under the dryer, my hair will hold on to a curl for dear life!! But, if you guys know me, you know I like length, so I'm only tolerable of this style.

I know what you're thinking. Why would I get this style if I like length? Well, as I mentioned, I didn't know what kind of style I wanted. I'm very particular about hairstyles, so I'm not one to say to a cosmetologist "do whatever you want!". That's taking it a bit far. So I stick with what I know. This style is kind of like a protective style because I don't have to comb my hair, I can oil my scalp, and I don't have to prep it at night.

In the pic to the left, I have a headband on. My hope is that the headband will stretch the curls without damaging them. My hair gets super frizzy...extremely quickly. If I wanted to, I think it could pull this look off for two weeks. I've been coming up with plans for how I can hold the curls but stretch them at the same time. I'm going to try and be creative with styles first, so we'll see how that goes.

So, what are you guys thinking? Flexi rods...or no?!

 photo StarsSignature_zpscd054469.jpg

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  1. The curls look good. For me, any type of curl like that I usually like after they have stretched out a bit (i.e. flexi rods, straw sets, etc.) I like the way you're wearing them in the top photo. I'm sorry to hear that the stylist likes working on straight natural hair. I hope the second girl works out.

  2. Flex rods always look nice on you!!!

  3. Very pretty! I haven't tried the Flexi Rods yet, I really like the size of the curls and the softness of the look!

  4. Your hair is pretty like that. Probably to maintain and loosen up the curl, you could try the pin curl. That is basically taking a bobby pin and pinning those curls down at night. When I had a perm, I would do that to loosen up tight curls.
    I will have to try a flexi rod set.

    1. Tonya, that's acutally a good suggestion and is on my list of ways to stretch these curls out!! But we'll see how this thing turns out. I have softball practice twice this week and if this style will hold up through that, then it can stay!
      And definitely you should. It's a nice style...I just don't have enough length for me to like it more than I do!

  5. Flexi rods are great on you and if you can maintain them, would be the style to rock now! But nothing lasts forever so I am glad you found an alternative stylist.

  6. i love it! I need some flexi rods.


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