Thursday, March 27, 2014

March curlBox

Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Line

Alright guys. I wanted to talk about this March curlBOX (even though I haven't had a chance to use it) because I was super excited about it!

This month the curlBOX included full size products of Carol's Daughter new line Sacred Tiare! How wonderful is that, right?! This new line of products is for "damaged, fragile, frizzy, and unruly hair". This would have been perfect for split ends!! The line includes:
  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  • Fortifying Conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Styling Cream
  • (the box also included a sample of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk pudding)
If you keep up with natural hair products then you know Carol's Daughter products can be on the upper end of the cost spectrum. The curlBOX costs only $20. All these products together would have easily been about $55. This one reason why I signed up for curlBox! Spend $20/month to try out products that might or might not work on your hair versus spend $55 to try products that probably won't work for your hair!! LOL...because I've "tried" things in the past and they hardly ever worked out. I ended up having to give away so many products (for free) because they were taking up space!

The VIP list for curlBOX opens every now and then. You guys are in a little luck because the April box is up for grabs this Saturday at 3PM (click here)! I'd totally suggest giving it a try. It's just one box so you're not signing up for the monthly commitment. I notified some of the ladies last weekend when the VIP list opened and one of them actually signed up!! So, if you're interested, let me know!

Other than that, I wanted to point out that I follow curlBOX on IG. Each month ladies take pictures of their curlBOX and the products inside. Then curlBOX will pick a few pictures they like, showcase them, and give that IG account a shoutout. I tried last month, with no luck. I tried this month and they picked my picture (the picture above)!! The thing is...they didn't give me a shout out! They used my picture without giving me credit for it! My feelings were hurt...after all, I am trying to expand my brand! I mean, I still got love for curlBOX, because I'm not a from now on I'll definitely be stamping any picture I'm trying to get used on other accounts!!

Be careful out there y'all. It's a crazy world! LOL
I have not been paid for this post, neither is this sponsored by curlBOX or Carol's Daughter.
These thoughts are totally my own...unpaid and honest!


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  1. Oooh, this looks nice. I'm still waiting on my box to arrive. Hopefully it'll be right on time because I'm getting sick and tired of these twists. Yesterday marked 8 weeks. Now I'm just ready to make sure everything is ok and feel my own hair again....with a new product to try. :-)

  2. If Mi says you should try something in regards to natural hair, people should pay attention!! She does the research. . . So, I am going to have to try a box.


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