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curlBOX Product Review

Aunt Jackie's In Control

I'm finally here with my first curlBOX review! It seems like forever since I signed up. There was a big mix up with delivery THEN I had to wait until wash day to try an item in the box because this was a box full of conditioners!

If I would've known Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter was going to be in the box, I would've held off on buying a new container. Now I have 3 containers but it won't be for naught because I'll definitely use it all!!

Now, let's get to this product. I followed my normal wash routine. There was a difference and that difference was Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils in control "Anti-Poof" Moisturizing & Softening Conditioner - Sulfate-free/Paraben-free/No mineral oil/No Petrolatum: For Natural Curls, Coils, & Waves.

I'll be honest and mention that I was skeptical about trying this product. I've only used products that were well known to me or my cosmetologist. I've never heard of this product or this brand so it made me think twice BUT the world of natural hair is growing and changing every day! How else will you know what new things work for you hair if you don't try?!

Here's what my hair looked like after I applied the conditioner and detangled (to the right).

How does this conditioner compare to past conditioners?

My hair was much softer while and after using this product. My curl pattern was much more defined after putting this product in my hair and it looked like it would be a great product to use for a wash and go. I'm actually tempted to try one when it warms up...all because of this product! You know smell is a big factor for me and this product passed that test. Some would probably consider the smell a bit strong, but after putting other products in my hair (leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, etc.), I could no longer smell it. I also didn't have to use a lot of product. It worked well as a detangler and I can definitely see myself using this product again.

The picture on the left shows my hair after washing out the conditioner. You can't tell me this isn't wash and go material!! The only thing I'd do differently for a wash and go is define the curl rather than combing the curls out!

I'm not going to recommend this product after only one use, but in my next post I'll show you how the style turns out after having used this product!

Have you heard of or used this product?? If so, what are you thoughts about it??

April 2016 Update

I haven't used this product much after writing this post. I found myself in several situations that made me come to the conclusion that I needed to be seeing a professional.

I will say that I've used this product as a detangler but it didn't work well for my situation. It could be because this product isn't a good detangler or it could be that my hair was far beyond DIY detangling when I tried to use this. I would still recommend using this product as just a conditioner. It didn't harm my hair, but I've found better conditioners since writing this post.

Also, my twitter handle changed since making this pictures, so follow me under my current handle!

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  1. Well, it definitely looks like this conditioner works! I might have to look up Curlbox to see what it all entails. I've heard of it but didn't know if you'd get random hair products or ones specific to your hair type, etc. Off to find out. :-)

  2. I haven't heard of this product but your curls look gorgeous. I have issues finding the right products for my curls and I have been asking around for some help. My hair texture is just all over the place. My hair is very thick (lots of it) but the actual strands are quite fine and soft in texture. When my hair is straight it gets oily fast and its just so long and hard to style. When curly it tends to get dry. My dad is Indian and in his culture long hair kind of goes with the territory so I have always had long hair...I am thinking of a change, maybe a cut. I am in need of some new curl products.


    1. Erica I have the same type of hair I absolutely can not do product it weighs my hair down. I use lightweight oils when my hair is str8 try an Argan oil it's concentrated but light so a little bit will take you a long way. I use Carol's Daughter Leave in Milk Conditioner Lite with a combination of different Aveda formulas for Shampooing and Conditioning.

  3. I was wondering how this worked!! I have an Aunt Jackie's product that is pink.. A curly cream or something and I don't really care for it. I used it last night after a wash to do some chunky twists, but I haven't taken them down yet. Your curls look gorgeous!

    1. Thank You!! The curlBox is a great way to try new products. I just got the box for this month and I'm very excited about the contents (blog post to come soon). Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Kesh!! I try the best I can with!


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