Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

You all know that I've been in need of a "trim" since here. I've been going to my salon when I visit home, which isn't that often but I was trying to hold on to it as much as I could. The last time I went home, I was unable to see my cosme. In the meantime, I've been trying to find a salon in DC to go to but I've heard nothing but bad things about salons here that other naturalistas have visited. Not being able to find a good salon wouldn't be a problem if my hair weren't in such dire need of attention!!

Good News!!

I've really been doing my part to find a good salon to go to. As of now, I have three options.

OPTION 1: There are a lot of ladies at my job that go to a salon in District Heights, MD. I've seen the different hairstyles of the ladies that that get their hair done there. I've also had in-depth conversations with them about the process the stylist goes through when she's doing their hair to try and get a feel for her methods. I'm not 100% on board with this option because I don't really like the styles I've seen. That's not saying a lot, mind you, because I'm very particular about the kinds of styles I like and what I feel looks good on me. That's not to say, either, that her styles weren't nice...they were...they just weren't my style. However! She sounds like she knows about hair health and I guess that's the bottom line I'm trying to get to...getting my hair back to 100% health!

OPTION 2: One of my curl buddies here recently went to a Hair Cuttery in Laurel, MD to get her curly locks trimmed and her hair looks great! Another naturalista had suggested I give the Hair Cuttery a try but I was very hesitant about it. When I think Hair Cuttery, natural hair definitely doesn't pop into my mind. I'm a "seeing is believing" type of person, so seeing my friend's hair after she got it done helped get me excited about this as an option. Her hair was reminiscent of what my hair looks like after my cosmetologist straightens it. She was referred by one of her natural friends, so I'm assuming the stylist pretty much knows what she's doing. My thing is, I want to make sure her hair reverts! I don't have that kind of time since I wanted to make a decision this week.

OPTION 3: I follow many hair platforms of IG. This past weekend luvyourmane asked naturalistas to name one natural hair stylist/salon from the city you live in. Gratefully there was a post by efikzara about a salon in DC!! I was able to talk to her and ask her questions about the salon as well as see the results she had here on her YouTube Channel. Her results were similar to results I've had as well. She went to that salon and got exactly what I need (shampoo, deep conditioner, and trim) so to see her results and hear her opinion of the service and style was very helpful.

These are the three options I chose from. The cosmetologist I'm coming from is very good with my hair and she helped my hair stay healthy until I left to come to DC. She grew up doing hair and has her cosmetology degree on top of that. She knows what she's doing and can answer any questions you have about your hair. I'm not saying her way of doing my hair is the only way it can be done, but it's what I'm used to. I'm very hesitant about the methods of other stylists especially since I've heard so many horror stories about people's experiences here. I like to try a place out, watch the stylist do other people's hair, then make decisions about how I want them to handle my hair, IF I want them to handle my hair at all! I'm truly at the point now where I'm just ready to get the split ends off! That picture of my hair shedding is an every night scene!! I'm sure my split ends have contributed to that. So, if me having healthy hair means going to somebody for the first time to make that happen, I'm willing to do that.

The choice I went with is Option 3. I called yesterday to make an appointment to see the same person that did efikzara's hair. My appointment is Saturday morning! After having said all I said in the last paragraph, now that I've actually made the appointment I've begun to get a little nervous. I'm hoping my prognosis isn't as dreary as I think it is but more like a small adjustment. I'm hoping this lady knows enough about what she's doing not to mess up my hair and I hope that I can find a trusty salon to go to so that I can get back on track! I'll be documenting this experience so I'm hoping for the best. Please say a few prayers for me, because I will be no more good if this doesn't work out like it should!

Stick around to find out what happens!!
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  1. Ooooo, so exciting! Loving the suspense, lol! I bet she's going to be great! Can't wait to hear/see the results!

  2. ::On the edge of my seat:: What you gonna do??? Dont forget to share!

  3. O.K, so I can't wait to read all about it and I know it's going to be good! I would have scoped out Option #2 and see what some of the customers look like because they are affordable! I go to a black stylist at the neighborhood Hair Cuttery for a $17.00 + tip haircut, but I have no style. . . just a short tapered short hairdo.

    1. I know!!! I can't wait to tell you guys about it. I'm continually speaking into existence that this will be a great experience, so hold on tight. I seriously thought about all three and to be honest, one of the biggest tie breakers was location. So, who knows...I may need to check the other places out too, just to see! The price list at the place I chose is actually pretty decent too...let's just hope the work done will be tip top!!

  4. Looking forward to your new trim. I think things will turn around for you (in terms of meeting your hair goals and feeling like your hair is going in the right direction) once it's properly trimmed, conditioned, etc. However, I can totally understand your nerves. I got a "trim" that took me back 6 months one time. I cried. I learned my lesson to blow out my hair first if they don't do it. After that when I was referred to someone else, I literally had nightmares that she was secretly perming my hair on the sly. Fortunately, it was nothing like that. She's fantastic, my hair loves her, and I have had no need to go anywhere else unless I choose to. I told her about the perm dream and we both rolled. LOL

  5. I actually get my hair done at Aveda and you will be surprised at how good some stylists are at caring for hair in these non traditional salons (well salons that aren't usually associated with doing ethnic hair). The thing is at places like this they have to learn how to do all types of hair. Now if you find you a black stylist in a salon like this try them out because they are usually educated about hair in general. My stylist does every ethnicity hair because she made it a point to learn how to care for hair first and foremost. I have not been to a black hair salon in years because you will be surprised at how many of these salons do not have stylists that know how to care for "natural hair" because they are so used to doing perms and such. Goodluck on your hair journey I think you will see better results with the trim.

  6. It is hard to find a salon-home, almost like finding a church-home. My biggest problem is also shedding, but since I cut my hair my hair had not shedded to much, just a couple of long pieces here and there. I think it has to do with heat-styling.


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