Monday, February 10, 2014

Revamping An Old Hairstyle

Flexi Rods Refurbished!

Remember my Flexi Rod Set post from last week?? In that post I revealed that I tried something new during my most recent wash day. The results yielded a very nice look that I got many compliments on but too much frizz for my taste. I was determined to make this style last longer than a few days because I never wash my hair before the 2 week mark!

a flexi rod set that a few days oldHere's a look at a before picture.

So, with my head looking like this (I mean, of course I had it pinned up so you couldn't tell it looked this rough), I began my extensive research on YouTube.

One problem I have with YouTube is I have a hard time finding YouTubers with hair like mine (with the same texture but specifically with the same length of hair as I have for the styles I'm trying to achieve). For example, I've tried to find quick protective styles with no luck. Most of the natural hair YouTubers I subscribe to are ladies with curlier patterns and longer most of the styles they show don't look quite the same on me. I would love to see more ladies with hair like mine...but that's another story for another day (unless you happen to know some, then please share)!

This time I got lucky! I happened to find two videos I could use for my revamp so I was ecstatic! The first video I found was Flexi-Rod Revamp. The finished look this Youtuber achieved fell right along the lines of what I was looking for. I still wanted to keep my spiral curls but I needed to tighten up the style so there wasn't as much frizz showing.

products i used to make my old flexi rod set look like a brand new styleThe second video I found was How To: Flexi-Rod Tutorial for perfect heat less curls. I found this video a while ago. It was actually the video that gave me inspiration for wanting to try a flexi rod style on my natural hair. The thing is, I couldn't find the video when I needed to refer back to I just threw those flexi rods in there anyway I could!! Thank goodness I found it in time to revamp this style!

The products I used were:
  • Water and a water bottle
  • Influance Natural Oil
  • Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter
  • Design Essentials Curl Stretching Cream
The steps I would follow for each section of hair were:
    how the flexi rod set looked after I restyled it
  1. Lightly spray section of hair with water
  2. Coat it with oil
  3. Cover with a nickel-size of moisture butter
  4. Cover with a quarter-size of stretching cream
  5. Twist the section
  6. Roll the twist on the flexi rod
After I went through this process and my hair dried, I took the flexi rods out and pin curled the twists. After I slept on flexi rods the last week, I was not signing up for that again; not so soon!! I realized I didn't take good pictures of the after style but here are a few of the pictures I managed to come up with.

It's a little hard to tell from those pictures but the revamped style really turned out great!! I definitely liked the revamped look and will probably try it again very soon. At night, I retwist my hair in larger sections and cover it with a bonnet. A lot of naturals do the pineapple method, but this method never seems to work well for me.

hairstyle made with an old flexi rod set turned newI think this revamp can work with any kind of style: flexi rods, curls, twists, you name it! If any of you decide to give this look a try, let me know so I can check it out! I'm always curious to see how methods look when someone else does it!

What do you guys think of the look??


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Have a great Monday y'all!

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  1. I love referring to YouTube when in search for a new hair or makeup routine! Your flexi rod set turned out cute! I just BC'd again, so it'll be awhile before I can try them. Congrats on the domain!

  2. Your hair looks great and congrats on your new domain!

  3. Your hair is cute. Think I'll try this twist method this week. And congrats on the domain.

  4. Um, you should definitely start a YouTube channel with this stuff, frfr, lol!!!

  5. Really looks so cute and nice.I love your haircuts so much .
    prom hairstyles 2014

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to look at my posts!!


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