Friday, February 28, 2014

Time for Announcements

Well, I wanted to make a few announcements today. I'm getting to this a little late because I've been talking my head off this morning...every time I turned around there was someone there waiting to talk! A great start to a getting-no-work-done Friday!

First of all, I figured out how to make my Natural Hair page the way I wanted to! I knew what I was looking for, so all I had to do was Google it. Google is normally my answer for finding everything I don't know so I have no idea why I didn't do that to start with! I'm sure I could figure out all I want to do with this blog by googling it, the thing is finding the time to do it all!! Anywho, click on my "All About My Hair" page on the bar above or CLICK HERE! Although I spent a lot of time gathering those links for the previous page I did...and I spent a lot of time putting all those pictures together, I'm really excited about figuring this out and it makes things much easier moving forward!

Two, I made another button!! I'll be participating in a Spring Break Cash Giveaway, which will go live on the first day of spring (March 20th)!! I don't know about you guys but a celebration will definitely be in order because this winter has produced more snow than I've ever seen in my life!! It's so hard to believe it's March already!! Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, so one way I'll be celebrating is by being a part of this great cash giveaway (hosted by Lovely You)!! Here's the button I created for that giveaway...

...this will also be my main button for a while. Cute right?! I decided to put the other buttons on my 'About Mi!" and 'Contact & Follow Mi!' pages. I altered my meet me section (over at the right) too! I had to keep myself busy last night because I was ready to go to sleep after eating dinner. I had about an hour to wait for Scandal to come on and I knew I wouldn't make it unless I was occupied! Plus, you got to switch it up every now and then, right?!

Three: Now that I'm getting settled in the DC area a little more and since it'll start warming up soon, I'm getting out there and trying some different things. Be on the look out for some exciting posts to come this Spring!

I'm so grateful that it's the weekend. I'll be exploring new social territory this weekend, so wish me luck! You guys know I'm an introvert :-). I'll also be trying to get some well needed rest this weekend, but who's to say that'll happen? I managed to make a few changes to my blog, clean up my blog email (so I'm able to better communicate with you guys), sign up for some activities, win a prize from a local radio station (perhaps?!...stick around to find out), get into a never ending battle with Walmart over a refund (long story, definitely for another day), spend time out and about in the city...and I still have things on my to-do. I plan on going back through my posts and properly arranging them, watermark my pictures, and let's not even talk about doing my taxes!! LOL. To say the least, I've had a super busy two weeks and my body just needs to catch up!

So check out my hair page and get ready to enter this giveaway coming soon to a blot near you!
Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I like your blog make-over especially the hair page. Did you do it all yourself? If so, you need to do a tutorial. You look great here too. . . .Enjoy your Life!

    1. Hey there! I wish I had your email address so I could email you directly. I tried to find it on your page with no luck! But, thank you for the compliments. I did do it all by myself this time and that's a great idea. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with questions about things like that!

  2. I love the changes you've made on your page. Happy for all the wonderful things going on (minus the Walmart thing - lol).

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Blog looks beautiful! And I love your hair im waiting for mine to grow!! LOL

    Im headed over to read your "im an introvert" post because it sounds like you may be writing my life... LOL

  4. Looking good and I like your new button. So cute! :-)


  5. Nice! I hope that the weather up there changes soon! I wish I could send our Florida weather your way. Blessings, lady!


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