Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Help...I Need Jeans!

This post might seem random, but it's real! So, I've mentioned wanting to update my style a few times recently. One staple item that every closet needs is a good pair of jeans. I go on shopping trips every now and then and I must admit that my tolerance for shopping is low. I have to try on clothes before I buy them so the art of going of 1. going into a store, 2. undressing, 3. trying on the clothes I've found, 4. taking those clothes off, and 5. redressing is just way too much!! I've been trying to find jeans for a long time now. I'm getting older and my body is changing. With the changes my body is making, I need clothes that'll flatter my body rather than make it look anything other.

I used to have an abundance of jeans. During the last year and especially in preparation for my move, I ended up discovering that a lot of the jeans I had didn't fit any more...LOL. So, I gave those jeans away and donated them. Now my jean stock is low and I'm looking to rebuild. To start with, the type of jeans I'm looking for are skinny or straight leg jeans. It's the winter time, so I'm doing a lot of boot wearing. Skinny jeans are the best for this. Apparently boot cut jeans "went out of style" while I was in style hibernation. I think boot cut jeans work the best for wearing flats and and even heels, so in trying to rebuild my jean stock, I'm staying away from boot cut, but I have my eye out for a good pair if I can find them.

Most recently my favorite pair of go to jeans has been Levi's. I would always buy Levi's because they are a good quality jean and they seemingly fit me best. The last few pairs of Levi's have not been doing that well. Outside of Levi's, my next old favorite were Old Navy jeans. I try to go back to Old Navy but it seems that the older I get, the worse they fit! My problems with jeans are many. Here are a few
  • The crotch is too long
  • Mid-waist jeans are cut too high
  • Low cut jeans are cut to low
  • The jean fabric is too harsh
  • Too tight in the waist area
  • Too loose in the leg area
  • Too short/too long
  • Too baggy (or they get baggy as the day goes on)
  • Etc., etc.
I'm just looking for a good pair of go to jeans. I don't care how much they cost, but I do want them to fit well and to continue to fit well as time goes on. When I run into these dilemmas I can't do anything but shake my head because I've never had this much trouble finding clothes before. Why now? And I know I'm not the only person going through this, but it feels like it!

So...if any of you ladies out there have suggestions about where to go to find good jeans or know good quality jean brands, let me know! PLEASE!

Happy Hump Day Folks!

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  1. I feel your pain Mi. Both you and I have bodies that are not what they used to be (in a good way). We have become more curve-a-licious. So the struggle to find a jean is hard and one I struggle with as well. I have tried Old Navy jeans and there jeans are good but like to stated the fit is getting bad. I have found that Jessica Simpson jeans are good. I have a pair of hers and want more. They are comfortable and fit very well (because Jessica is curvy). So try those!!!!

  2. I struggle with finding jeans also! My favorite pair of "straight leg" jeans are JCrew's "Matchstick" Jeans. I got both of my skinny jeans from New York and Company maybe 1-2 years ago, and they are still my favorites. I still have and wear bootcut jeans (I guess that makes me less fashionable), and I have the Gap 1969 "Perfect Bootcut". I also got a pair of straight leg jeans from Target- I think they were the Merona brand, and they have been a good standby, but not my personal favorite! Hope this helps!

  3. Try the Levi Curve line their really good for curvy girls...I suggest a size down because they will stretch out. Also maybe try the jcpenny brand, in the womens section. I got a pair for 19.99 on sale. I found it in a section that was too mature to be for teens/juniors but young and very trendy not like the missy section if that makes sense. I should have gotten a size down because they stretch in the waist and thigh...but they are perfect. Nothing wrong with a boot cut I still have a few pair

  4. I have always had luck with Gap, Banana Republic, NY & Company and Express when I am looking for jeans that are cost effective.

    Finding a good pair of jeans is truly an art and quite nerve wrecking. Luckily, I don't have a ton of curves so I don't have that many issues. However, one major requirement for jeans is they must make my booty look big and I have none to start with so jean shopping for me can get intense!

  5. Surprisingly, I've found some of the best jeans at JCP. Now that I can wear misses sizes, I've found some of the ANA and JCP brand skinny jeans and they fit really great. My favorite is the JCP skinny jeans, to me they aren't as long as the ANA brand and they look great with boots. They have several dark washes and just the right amount of stretch to give you a good fit. And around the holidays, they went down to about $20 so I grabbed several pair and they're holding up very well. Hope this helps! :)

    1. Hi PBE! Since writing this post, I've tried JCP for jean shopping with no luck! I tried the JCP Brand, the Ana Brand, Levi's, and one other brand that's slipping my mind to no avail. I was having some of the same issues I listed above. I'm really starting to think I'm just going to have to get a tailor to make jeans fit like I want them. Outside of going to JCP, I've gone shopping 4 other places...most of the places were suggested by my readers...and there's always something wrong! LOL. I still got a few more places to try, so we'll see. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  6. I dread buying jeans, they are just so difficult. smiles. but when I get one that I like, it is the prize in my closet.
    New follower - GFC. Stop by and find out button on the bottom of our homepage. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

  7. My daughter thinks Rag & Bone jeans are the best fit in the whole entire world. She's a teen, but she's got pretty good taste. Good luck w/your search & thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  8. Gap jeans fit me well, a little long but I love em. Lucky brand jeans fit well on my pear shape, but are pricey so I get them when they pop up at TJ Maxx


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