Friday, January 17, 2014

A New Fitness YouTube Channel!

By now, I'm sure you all know I started blogging as a way to document my natural hair journey (see my very first blog post). My blog has developed a lot over this past year and has blossomed into what it is today. There are many things I share with you all along the way because this is my space to share whatever it is I want to and I'm enjoying myself so far!

Like me, my boyfriend is on a journey of his own. For the past year and some change he's been working very hard on living a healthier lifestyle. His story and journey are amazing and he's decided to share it with the world. Unlike's more of an extrovert so he's taking a different approach! He's started a YouTube Channel:

C.Bake.Presents FlightSchoolFitness
^^^This is the homepage link^^^

Here's a quick video for you to check out right now:

If you want to know what Flight School THIS!

Don't just stop at watching just these two videos...please check out his YouTube Channel homepage (link above)! He's not a trainer or anything along those lines, but he will be talking about the methods he's used for weight lifting, healthier eating, etc. He'll also talk about other interests/hobbies of his like music, cutting hair, doing parodies, etc.. I love him!! He's intelligent, witty, and entertaining and I'm sure you'll enjoy his channel!! I would greatly appreciate it if you ALL would check it out and....

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When I get up enough nerve to start my YouTube channel he's going to produce it! support him!

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  1. So awesome! Such courage to start with a Youtube channel right out of the gate! I wish him so much success!!!

  2. Best of luck to him! YouTube is a great way to start. lots of views for sure!

  3. That's great, now it's your turn, I would like to do this also, you didn't mention how handsome he is. Thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist, join us again tomorrow.

    1. I know. My friend pushes me to do it, but I'm still working on getting over some of my shyness! LOL. I'm also trying to get better at doing some of the things I'd like to showcase (like my hair)! And he is quite handsome, isn't he?! Thanks for checking out his channel. He's a beginner and is going through some of the beginner things (like working through gaining new followers, getting exposure, etc.). We've all been there, so I'm trying to support and help as much as possible! Thanks for stopping by Joyce!


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