Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So, Kale Got The Best of Me...I Got Something For That!!

Spinach!! That's right, spinach.

I couldn't get the kale to do right, so one of my bloggers suggested spinach. A light bulb went off in my head. Before I ran across kale, I kept saying I would give spinach a try.

I did!

I went and bought a very small can of it! LOL...and it was decent, but I wanted to be able do it the right way. I got swept up into work and personal life things, so I forgot about it. Thank goodness for my Mi-ettes!

I gave spinach a whirl!! I bought a big bundle of spinach and googled a recipe. Guess what pops up?! The same recipe I used the first time I cooked kale. I was very, very skeptical but I told myself to go for it. This was a totally different green from kale, so I didn't want that to stop me.

I had a lazy night and cooked hamburger helper...don't let
the pic fool you...that hamburger helper was dabomb.com!
Try it (Patty Melt)!
For the steps to cook it, click here (see Attempt #1). The only thing I didn't mention was I had to cut the stems off of both the kale and spinach. Also time frames were different. After I put the spinach  in the pot with the oil and garlic and coated all the leaves, I let it cook until the leaves were wilted. Then I drained the remaining juice from the pot, sprinkled it with oil, and salted it to taste...resulting in what you see to the right! It was on point too!! Very, very tasty. I tend to like my greens very salty, but if I'm trying to be healthy...I'm definitely trying to stay away from too much salt! My sister and I have to fuss at my mom about the ridiculous amounts of salt she consumes.

I guess I should mention this as well. Anytime a recipe calls for garlic, I use minced garlic (in extra virgin olive oil), which comes in a jar. I think this garlic tends to have more of a citrus-y taste which can affect the flavor of some foods. With this recipe it definitely did. The next night, I cooked spinach again but this time I used garlic powder instead. It was much better. I'll get brave one of these days and actually try to cut a clove of garlic, but for now...I'll stick with what I have.

So, with all that being said...spinach was a hit. I really appreciate all the suggestions from the kale post and I'm very much looking forward to trying more new things and sharing it with you all!!

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  1. Congrats! Sounds like a delicious recipe. I love spinach. :-)

    1. It was very yummy!! Thanks for checking me out!!

  2. I LOVE spinach yet I never thought to cook it as a side! Always in salads, soups, and pasts dishes! This I must try!

    1. Yes...you must!! It's so simple and quick...well cooking it is quick. I spent more time cutting stems off and cleaning them that cooking them! It was so good...I could eat it everyday!

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