Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May '13 Length Check

16 Months Natural

Here's my May Length Check!!

April 29 = 65 weeks natural, 24 weeks since the BC


May 28 = 69 weeks natural, 28 weeks since the BC

My hair is doing well. It's definitely healthy and thick!! My 'fro is a lot bigger than it is in both of these pictures, but it shrinks in size whenever I get my hair styled at the salon (due to having to set my hair under the dryer). I'm still having trouble finding styles I like to get me through the "not enough hang-time" stage, but that's a post for another time!!

 photo Signature_zps851b8398.jpg

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  1. Your hair grows fast, it seems! Here's to healthy natural hair growth!

    1. Thanks Tasha! I just wish it would HANG!! It's definitely healthy though.

  2. I agree. Your hair does grow super fast. It's taken me three years to get my bangs that length from my TWA. Kudos on healthy, beautiful hair. I'm sure your hang time will come soon. I go to YouTube for style ideas. I just wish it was around when I was on my first natural hair journey. To new hair adventures. :-)

    1. I know hair grows at different rates and mine does go quickly. I acknowledge that. I don't want to seem ungrateful for it because I'm constantly talking about not having enough hang time...LOL. It's just a goal, plus I'm really curious to see what my natural hair will look like that long. I used to get ideas from YouTube too...guess I should make time to revisit that...get back to the basics.

      Thanks Libby!

  3. Go girl!!! I like your natural hair,
    I know it's hard to keep up with it,
    but it worth the pain and time.
    Good luck on the rest of your journey


    1. Thanks!! It is definitely a hand full that I feel is worth it!

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    Have a terrific week!
    Hugs, Cathy

    1. Hi Cathy! I'll be sure to stop by and check out your Link Party. Thanks for visiting!!


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