Friday, May 24, 2013

14 and 18

Protective Styles

I decided to combine these two pictures to showcase some protective hairstyles I've used along my journey. Protective hairstyles are designed to protect your hair from the Earth's elements and other things that can damage your hair (wind, extreme heat, extreme cold, chaffing your clothes, etc.). It's been a minute since I've had a protective style, but I definitely feel one coming on...and soon!

May 14 - Beautiful Braids
Wearing a wig as a protective styleThis is an example of improvisation. I was in my best friends wedding and the plan was to get my hair braided so I could wear a braid out for the main event. Since I wanted the braid out to be super fresh, I got my hair braided on Tuesday and kept it braided up until that Saturday. I had been wearing the wig on top of the braids because I thought this gave me a fancier look...and it was a little more presentable and professional...for work. Everyone loved the wig look so much that I decided to wear it for the wedding!! It turned out great! Both the braids and the braids with the wig would be considered protective styles. Nobody knew this hair was a wig. When people would ask me what I did to my hair, I gladly told them it was a wig. I have no shame in wearing wigs. I used to use them as accessory pieces and would wear them for different occasions. I thought it was fun to switch styles up without having to manipulate my hair. Even though it works for some, I wore the wig over the cornrows because I just don't see myself walking around with cornrows (due to my personal preference).

May 18 - Protective Style
I actually wrote about these braids in a previous post. To make a long story short, I got this style after having had a style that required a lot of maintenance at night. (See what style made me do it here!!) I wore this until it started frizzing out, which was about a week. My hair is really soft and doesn't exactly hold styles for a long amount of time. It was cute while it lasted.

I need some ideas for my next protective style. Any suggestions??

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