Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One Secret To Keeping Your Hair Moisturized

Spin-Off Moisture Mixture

As long as I can remember, I've had issues with keeping my hair moisturized. Half of that time, my issues with dryness have been in my head. I'd go to the cosmetologist, tell her my hair felt dry, and she would tell me it was fine! I'm walking around thinking my hair feels like a box of rocks; other people feel it and tell me how soft it is! So, whether my dryness is real or imagined, I've always wanted to do something about it.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw this post for a Max Moisture Recipe on We Are Onyx's page:

Moisture mixture featured on We Are Onyx starring Beautiful Textures Leave-In Conditioner

Beautiful Textures' products were my everything when I was transitioning. They did right by my hair, so when I saw this recipe included their conditioner, I was all for it!

My Revised Recipe

Leave-In Conditioner, Argan Oil, Water mixture to moisturize dry natural hair First, I had to revise the recipe. I've been wearing more wash and go's so I needed the moisture to keep the hairstyle alive during the week. The amount of the original recipe was too much for me, so I decided to cut it in half. Also, I don't use olive oil so I wanted to incorporate an oil that agrees with both my scalp and my skin. My revised recipe looks more like this:

1.5 tbsp of Beautiful Textures Leave-In Conditioner
1 tsp of Softee Argan Oil
4 oz. of Water

Mix all 3 ingredients in a spray bottle and voila!


This mixture is the LCO/LOC method gift wrapped in a spray bottle! This method, that works so well for many naturalistas, involves these 3 products, so it's no wonder this mixture works so well.

Use whichever leave-ins and oils work best for your hair. Beautiful Textures still works wonders for my hair. so I'll stick with that for this mixture.

Will I Use This Mixture Again?!

I've only used this to refresh my wash and go. I even coupled this mixture with the banding method one night to see if it would work and the refreshed stretched results looked better than the original stretched wash and go! I wouldn't use this for something like my twist out, but I plan on trying this on my current style (crochet braids/Senegalese twists. Stay tuned for the blog post about 
this newest protective style of mine)!

Does this mixture look like it would be beneficial for your hair?!
What products do you use to keep your mane moisturized??

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