Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crochet Braid Senegalese Twists

2015 Winter Protective Style

The power of social media has introduced me to the best protective style I've ever worn! I'm very grateful so I want to share.

The Idea

This year things magically came together in a weird way. I'd always seen Senegalese twists and thought they were cute, but my edges are too tender for individual braids and twists (with extensions). I first saw this style on Instagram and that was my first time ever realizing you can do so much more with crochet braids besides crochet free hair.

Once I saw the style, I began researching (read Googling). Initially I thought I'd have to buy hair that would be twisted as it was crocheted. During my research I found out there was a such a thing as pre-twisted crochet Senegalese twists. My mind was blown!! This was the best thing that could ever happen to my hair. I would get my hair cornrowed and get pre-twisted hair crocheted into my braided hair to have a protective style I could wear for the harsh winter months.

The Setup

I quickly put this plan into action. I've been more protective of my hair recently and I was getting to a point where I was running out of ideas and steam for dealing with my hair. I wanted to wear my hair out for my birthday, but I was ready to get it put away soon after. Once I knew all this was a thing, I called the salon I've been going to and made the appointment.

The Appointment

I didn't know what to expect. I called the day before the appointment to make sure they didn't want me to wash my own hair. I know that sounds crazy, but I've had some crazy experiences when it comes to protective hairstyles! I didn't have to do anything but be there, so that's what happened. If you remember this post, then you know they usually charge by the hour. This visit was different. The price for some styles is already pre-determined; this is one of those styles.

The type of senegalese twists used for crochet braidsI showed up and the standard treatment is a 30 minute hair wash. After getting my hair washed, I sat under the dryer for a bit to dry some of the water out of my hair. She then cornrowed my hair in what seems to be a standard crochet braid style.

I was instructed to buy 6 packs of hair, so I bought color 2, 40", medium-sized, Senegalese twists. She installed the twists by folding each twist in half, inserting the needle at the midway fold, pulling the needle through my cornrow, pulling the ends of the twists through the loop of the twist, and pulling! Here's the best video I could find of the technique!

I ran out of hair, but thankfully the shop had spare hair. She was able to blend the hair effortlessly and of course nobody notices, unless I point it out! After 2 hours of installation, we were finished and this is what I was left with:

Crochet braids with pre-twisted senegalese twists

Will I get this hairstyle again?

I absolutely will. The twists are gorgeous!
Two styles made with crochet braids / Senegalese twists

They're easy to work with, easy to style, and (a lot of people have asked this, but) they're not heavy! I like the length and width of the twists I got, although, I've tempted to try smaller twists next time. I've had to take care of my twists, which hasn't been too difficult. I will definitely talk about how in a later post.

The amount of time installing the twists took, coupled with the price and the finished product was worth it. I plan on keeping my hair like this all winter!

What are your thoughts on protective styling for the winter?!

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