Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Second CoWash Experiment

Creme Of Nature Pure-Licious Co-Wash Product Review

My go to cowash for my natural hair I recently did a product review for the first cowash product I tried. I don't know what I expected but I'd heard so much about that particular product that I couldn't resist.

I've always shampooed my hair about every two weeks. Now that I think about it, that may be a part of why I think my hair is always dry! I don't have a staple shampoo but I think I may have found one with the ORS shampoo I tried recently. I shampoo so often because of product build-up but after defining my hair type, I learned I don't need to pile on products AND that cowashing might be the way to go for my type of hair.

I know many naturalistas use conditioner to cowash but I guess brands are getting "hip to the game" because I've been seeing many products advertised as cowashes. I usually don't think twice about trying new products because they're new, but I'm still subscribed to curlBOX and they recently sent this product. I figured since I had it, why not try it...especially after that last attempt.

Creme of Nature Pure-Licious Co-Wash

Where did I find this product?
Creme of Nature Pure-Licious Co-Wash is actually a new product to the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Collection. I received this product in my May curlBOX, so I didn't buy it from a store. However, you can find it online for a couple of dollars.

December 2015 Update: You can now find this product in stores like Walmart and many other beauty supply stores.

What is this product supposed to do?
Pure-Licious Co-Wash is meant to revitalize curls with a cleanser made from a special butter blend of Argan Oil for Exotic Shine. It's light-weight, color-safe, and gently cleanses and removes product residue while hydrating tresses. It's supposed to deliver frizz-free curls, waves, kinks, and coils with no shrinkage. It contains no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, or petrolatum (or is formulated without these ingredients).

How would I describe this product?
Unlike the last cowash, this one feels more like a conditioner to the touch. This product also has more slip. Pre-pooing with conditioner may have helped my hair relax more, so the cowash had an "easier curl to tame". If you've ever used any of the Creme of Nature products (with argan oil) they all have the same smell. It's a strong scent but it's not heavy. I can always smell my hair a couple of days after using their products, but for me...that smell equals clean, which equals a good thing!

Using the Product: Before cowashing my hair, I detangled with another conditioner. I'll discuss this in a later post but I thought it was important to mention. After washing that conditioner out, I applied the Pure-Licious Co-Wash and washed my hair as I normally would. I applied generous amounts of cowash and focused on gently rubbing my roots (because I didn't want to tangle my ends). I did this for two cycles. During the second cycle, I let the cowash sit in my hair for about 4 minutes (as instructed) before washing it out.

How did this product do? The cowash acted like a shampoo and conditioner combined. I love that! I got a decent lather from it. It also seemed to be cleaning my hair without stripping it bone dry. My hair was soft, moisturized, and clean before I set it for my wash and go. Since I detangled before, I didn't have to use the cowash for that, but I'm tempted to try it as a detangler next time.

Did it do what it advertised? Its advertisement didn't really make any outrageous claims aside from saying it would produce no shrinkage. It basically says you can use this cowash to gently clean your hair. Do I feel it revitalized my curls? Sure! I agree that it's light-weight. I believe it gently cleansed and removed product residue while hydrating my tresses and that it delivered a frizz-free end product BUT I don't think there's any product out that can stop my hair from shrinking!

wet hair and dry hair results from using the Creme of Nature Pure-licious cowash
Wet vs. Dry Cowash

Will I use this product again?
I absolutely will. The product works great for my "quick" washes in between shampoos. My hair was detangled and cleaned well. The only way I could've been more pleased with the results was if it actually produced no shrinking! I am almost able to say that this will become a staple product, but I want to use it a few times more!

December 2015 Update: I can now say that this product has become my go to cowash. It's worked just as well as the first time every time I've used it. A lot of  the products in the Creme of Nature line work really well for my hair, so I would definitely recommend trying this cowash and any of their other products!

SO! What are your thoughts on Creme of Nature's Pure-Licious Co-wash?
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