Monday, July 13, 2015

Relearning Old Styles

Protective Style

We all know by now that I’m on a healthy hair trip! There are many things I’m learning and trying so I can do what’s best for my hair. I’ve set a few hair goals and I’m determined to get this thing right. I mean, I have to if I want my hair to flourish!

One of the ways I plan to achieve this goal is with protective styling. Here’s one style I haven’t been able to accomplish since I was transitioning, so I’m very excited to share!

French Braids

Cornrows on natural hairWhen I was transitioning, the easiest style for me to do was a braid out. I would cornrow my hair nightly and wear crinkled hair each day. I was excited then because I was never able to cornrow my relaxed hair. I guess my naturally curly roots allowed my fingers to grab the hair better and those roots laid together better.

Since being natural, I’ve had this style done once in the salon. My cosmetologist French braided my naturally curly hair. The only product I remember her using is gel, but I'm sure there was a moisturizer and oil in the mix. The style looked great and I loved it!! I also loved not having to do my hair every night! Unfortunately, the style didn't last long. Like I've explained so many times before, my hair is super soft and doesn't respond to gel the way other hair types do.

The way my hair responded to cornrows when I was transitioning was not the way my hair responded when I became fully naturally. My hair is too curly for me to grab, too curly for me to get each section of hair to lay down, and too curly for me to braid without snapping my hair! I just can't do it, so I don't force it!

Salon Day

I was overdue for a protein treatment and trim. I needed to go to the salon, but I didn't want to get my hair straightened until later in the month. I came up with the idea to get French braids to wear for the two weeks until I wanted to get my hair straightened. I told the stylist to do it however she saw fit since it was my last minute decision.

My hair was washed and treated. She's not a big natural hair stylist, so it was easier for her to braid my hair in its blown out state. She didn't use any styling products, aside from edge gel, so the style was very loose and didn't last long. I wore it for two days before I had to redo the style. I was wary about giving it a try because I had been unsuccessful since becoming natural, but I had to do something because the style was waning, quickly!

The Style

French braids on natural hair

I was super excited to get the braids done successfully!! I used ORS Moisturizer because it was heavy enough to weigh my hair down so I wouldn't have fly aways, but light enough not to oversaturate my hair. I'd also been using this Dark & Lovely Gel for my wash and go's so I decided to try it on this style too. I then topped it off with a little argan oil to lock the moisture in place. It was a success. The combination of these products worked well for preserving this style.


It was much easier for me to French braid my hair because it was blown out. I didn't like using heat on my hair without getting it trimmed, but I am pretty certain I'll be using this style as a protective style in the future. I had a system! I'd wear the braids for two days, then wear the braid out for a few days. The braid out was GORGEOUS but the humidity was real!!

Braid out on stretched natural hair

So, tell me! How do you French braid??

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