Monday, June 15, 2015

The First CoWash Experiment

Head and Shoulders Product Review

How effective was the Head & Shoulders Co-Wash for natural hairNow that I've laid out my hair goals and what hair products I've already tried, we can talk about some of the things I've been doing with my hair.

One of the styles I decided to master as a protective style is the wash and go. I've tried this style several times throughout my journey and each time the shrinkage has steered me away from rocking the style.

There was never anything wrong with this style but I've never been a fan of shrinkage. Now with my new hair goals in tow, I knew it was time for a revisit. I had two sew-ins back to back so I had a little free time on my hands to do something evaluating. With this time, I decided to look into products to try for wash and go's. I must biggest influences were a conversation I had a few naturalistas in one my favorite FB groups and my friend's blog post.

So, with that, I went on a journey to find this Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Co-Wash (affiliate link)!

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Co-Wash
Where did I find this product?
I went against my gut feeling and tried to find this product at CVS & Target with no luck. I eventually ended up finding it at the good ol' trusty Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars (I want to say about $6 or $7. However, you can easily find this product at my Amazon Affiliate link: Just Mi! & Things.

What is this product supposed to do?
This product is advertised for textured hair. It's formulated with vitamin E-rich almond oil and coconut essence to work with your hair and scalp regimen to fight flakes and leave hair moisturized and manageable. It's also advertised to be pH balanced and offers 7 benefits: fights dry scalp, calms itchy scalp, relieves irritation, reduces redness, great scent, controls flaky scalp, and leaves hair looking beautiful.

How would I describe this product?
The texture of this product reminds me of Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter. It's thick like a cream so it doesn't remind me of shampoo or conditioner at all. The smell is great. For someone who doesn't care too much for the smell of coconut (like me), there's just a hint of the coconut smell in the cowash.

Using the product: I used this product on my regularly scheduled wash day. I had a normal amount of product build-up on my hair and I used my regular wash day routine - cowashed my hair twice, then used it once more like I would have used a condition and detangle my hair.

How did this product do? I don't feel like the product cleaned my hair. My hair had product build-up, so in my opinion, this product isn't one I should use if my hair is "dirty". Detangling my hair was tough. I have very tight coils, so detangling my hair is not the easiest thing to do. Using this product didn't really help with the process much at all. This product has absolutely no slip, so that's a problem for me! As far as the seven benefits goes, I can't say that I had any of the issues listed aside from an itchy scalp...but that's not due to dandruff, that's just my nerves!

wet wash and go and dry wash and go using Head & Shoulders Cowash
Wet wash and go vs. Dry wash and go
Will I use this product again?
I will not use this product again. I'm not upset about not having luck with this product, but I know my hair is a very unique and requires very specific types of things to be at maximum greatness. I can't exactly put into words what it is my hair needs right now, but I soon hope to be able to do that after these trials and this research!!

Have you tried Head & Shoulders Co-Wash?
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