Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Hard Reset

Setting Hair Goals

I've spent the majority of this year trying to do a better job of caring for my hair. Let's just start there.

I spent about five months with my hair under 2 different sew-ins. I needed to hide my hair from myself, protect it, and give it a chance to grow after a major cut. I was successful at doing that and happy with the progress and growth. While my hair was under wraps, I had a heart to heart with myself about how I would approach my hair once it was out. I set some goals. Even thought I haven't been here in a minute, I've started this process already. I needed to lay out the plan here, and do a better job of documenting what's going on, so let's take a look:

1. Accept my hair.

I don't dislike my hair. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I absolutely love it. The issue I have with my hair is the shrinkage! My go to style has been variations of a twist out. I've relied on this style the most since my big chop in 2012. My wash day usually includes me twisting my wet hair, stretching the twist and bobby pinning them down to get an elongated twist out. Every night after that, I re-twist my hair...every single night! I noticed over the years that my hair was shedding much more during these countless nights of re-twisting. I finally decided to be more proactive about the type of styles I'm wearing.

How will I accomplish this goal?

My focus will be on low manipulation/no manipulation hairstyles. My goal is to do more wash and go styles and less twisting. When I allow myself to do twist outs, I will only twist my hair the first night to set it. The pineapple method doesn't really work for me so every night after that I'll put my hair in a bonnet to protect the style and steam my hair the next morning to revive the curls.
wet natural hair
Wet Wash and Go
I've also been doing a lot of work within myself to be more accepting of my hair the way it is. When my hair is wet, the curls are beautiful! I love it!! When it dries, my hair curls very, very, very tightly. Shrinkage and my hair are very best friends. I've decided to let my hair "be free" so I'm rocking the wash and go's more than I ever have before. I've tried several techniques and products to try and get my hair to relax and it just won't. So I'm trying to change my mindset about my hair and its shrinkage. It's not a negative thing; it's a positive thing. It means my hair is healthy so I'm working to embrace that!

2. Find the best products for my hair

Up to this point, I've been using random products. I try things that others say work from them or try products I get in my curlBOX and use it only to be dissatisfied with how I feel my hair is responding to the product. I don't have any staple products; no go-to shampoos, conditioners, oils, or anything else for that matter! This stresses me out. I don't feel like my hair can thrive without the right products to feed it.
natural hair in a wash and go style
Old Wash and Go Hairstyle

How will I accomplish this goal?

I've never put a lot of energy into figuring out the "type" of hair I have. My hair does whatever it wants to. The front lacks definition and form. On top of that it frizzes out terribly bad. The back is more curly and all my curls are tight!! I'm stuck and I don't really know where to go, so I figure I should start at ground zero. I plan on figuring out what "type(s)" of hair I have then use that information to figure out what things I need to be doing with my hair. I want to figure out what types of products will moisturize my hair; what types of products I need to stay away from; and basically what types of products will feed my hair. I want to grow healthy hair and keep healthy hair. I want to get out of this trial and error stage with products and find some things I can stick with!

Under these two large goals are these smaller objectives. These are the tangible items that will help me measure how successful I am with reaching my larger goals. I want to:
  • Establish a wash day routine
  • Find a go-to shampoo and conditioner
  • Find moisturizer that works for my hair type
  • Find an oil that won't break my face out (like coconut oil does)
  • Establish a night time routine that's safe on my hair and minimizes shedding
  • Find low manipulation hairstyles that will not stress my hair out
  • Wear more protective styles
  • Figure out a safe detangling process
At this point in my natural hair journey I feel like I should have a better handle on these things. In my defense, I was seeing a cosmetologist for the first year and half, so I have a good reason for that time period. That's one reason I wish I was still home, but I'm not so more effort is needed.

I've set hair goals for my hair before, but this journey is a work in process. It's constantly moving and changing. This is where I am now. Although some of my old goals fall under the new goals, this is a fresh start!

Grow and change with me and my hair. I'm going to take blog breaks along the way whenever I need it, but I will always need y'alls help through this process. I welcome all kinds of advice. You never know what will work and what won't.

So stick around, I need your help and encouragement!

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