Friday, April 24, 2015

Pharr Away Turns Three!

Happy Birthday Pharr Away!


Today my best friend's blog, Pharr Away, turns three years old! She is my go to for everything blog related! I remember the humble beginnings of her blog and giving feedback to her about publishing it! She encouraged me to document my hair journey, so after much some prodding I decided to give it a try. I'm so thankful that she was there to help me expand the blog to what it is today, and I'm even more grateful to be able to use her blog as a guideline! Pharr Away helps me push myself farther than I ever would have thought to go and I'm forever appreciative for that inspiration! 

To inspire, encourage and inform in a way that impacts the world, 
no matter how small, through the sharing of my own experiences and findings.

Check out Pharr Away and continue to visit her space for years to come. Share in her experiences, discuss ideas and concepts, and dream and take risks right along with her. Pharr Away gets the shine because it's her blogiversary, but my hope is that you'll visit all of our spaces for years to come! We all want to work together, grow together, support and build each other up! 

The blogging community means so much to Nicole. She's done a lot of work to build some great networks. She wanted to do something to commemorate this milestone so she decided to give something away to those who have given so much to her and her blog. With that said, She gathered a network of bloggers who also wanted to give back to their readers! We've all teamed up to provide one lucky winner with a chance to win $200 via PayPal, and it's easy to participate. Simply enter the rafflecopter below, and get to know these beauties while you're at it.
Just Mi! (Mionna)| Lovely You (Tasha) | The Chic Stay at Home Mom (Tia)
Life as His Mrs (Rondra) | She Got Her Own (Adeola) | Coily Locks (Alisha)

We can't wait to connect with the new and reconnect with the old. 
So what are you waiting for? Visit Pharr Away and wish her a happy blogiversary!!
And don't forget to win some cash while you're at it!

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