Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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Re-sewing My Extensions

re-sewing extensions or track into natural hairLet me start by saying that I've been enjoying my tapered bob sew-in! It's been a little over six weeks since I've gotten it, so I'm halfway through the amount of time I'd like to keep it in! There have been a few hiccups though. A few of which I will discuss today and a few of which will come in a later post!

Six weeks has flown by so quickly. The holidays have come and gone; my multiple trips home are over for a while; and now it's time to buckle down on a few things...washing my hair being one! I waited about the same amount of time before washing my most recent sew-in so I expected similar results this time around! I also expected it to be much easier since this hair was significantly shorter, but I was wrong there too. Here's what happened.

Parts of my sew-in were loosening! Sometimes when I brushed the hair the bristles would unintentionally snag pieces of thread and pull them from around the extensions. I've also had a lot of itching so I've been putting my trusty rat tail comb to use, which I'm sure has snagged a few threads as well. I wanted to re-sew the loose extensions before washing the hair because I didn't want my rigorous wash routine to further loosen any extensions!

I figured sewing extensions would be just like sewing clothes and, thankfully, it was. I used a hair needle and thread to sew the loose extensions back into place. This picture to the left shows a few things. First, you're able to see my braided hair under the hair net (barely, but it's there). Because the hair is secured by the net, I'm not really sure how much growing it's done so far. Not a bad thing, but I'm certainly curious! Secondly, you can see the needle I used to sew the extensions back into place. You're able to see the extensions sewn into braids. The original threading is done in a vertical pattern and the threading I did is in a slanted pattern.

I wasn't trying to be cute with my threading, I just wanted to make sure the extensions weren't going to fall out of my head by any means necessary! When sewing, I made sure the needle went through pieces of the braids underneath the net. I felt this would assure that the extension was anchored in place. This part of the process was "the easy part".

I did a decent job with this seeing as how I have absolutely no experience with sewing hair! My biggest issue was figuring out how to end the line of thread once I was done sewing. I ended up cutting the thread when I was done and tying a knot with the two individual pieces of thread. It's been about a week since I've resewn my hair and I can say with 100% confidence that this was not the best method! My Valentine's night was almost ruined by a falling extension!! Thank goodness for my sister and her extra bobby pin. They were a life saver!! That falling extension would have ruined my night!! :-)

As I type this, I need to be sewing this extension. I want to research a better method for securing the thread so I can make sure I don't have another episode like Valentine's! There has to be a better way!!

Any suggestions?

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